You are your OWN limit!!

What stops us? Is it our parents, siblings, life partner, friends, society or something else? If you dare to dream then nobody can stop you to fulfill it, if you wish to achieve something then nothing can come in your way… but only if YOU decide so.

It is only you who set the limit for yourself, why do you restrain yourself from pursuing your interests, from giving your career a another chance… from letting your dream take a flight? Β Life is today.. It is happening.. It is now.. nobody has seen tomorrow then why wait for tomorrow? Take out those old ghungroos lying somewhere inside your old trunk, wipe off the dust from your musical instrument, revamp your old wardrobe, join badminton/swimming club.. we all have priorities, we all are busy with our daily life, but while living dont forget to live the life you ever desired for.. dont let what you cannot do come in between what you can do.

Its time you increase the area of your limit and let your dreams fit in, dont forget you are your OWN limit.

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