My Journey from Size M to Size XL

While everyone is talking about their journey of size XL to S or how they dropped those kgs of weights by simply doing this and that.. I am here to share my journey of increasing pounds of weight every week..every time I see that increased number on the weighing machine it bothers me more than anything.. I could not fit into my favourite clothes, I get worked up easily.. is it the side effect of the steroids I am taking? why is this all happening to me…

It was last August, when I came to know that I am suffering from a critical disease known as Lymphadenitis Tuberculosis.. A rare kind of TB, The symptoms I experienced were just exhaustion, fatigue, irritation etc. so i decided to see a doc, after consultation with 3 doctors, finally a doc could sense something is seriously wrong, I underwent several tests, scans and they doubted it might be Lymphoma, a form of cancer ,but only after biopsy it was confirmed that it is not cancer atleast , and whatever it is, is curable..

That period of 15 days, when I was undergoing the tests, biopsy , waiting for the reports, I saw that fear in my family , fear in me, my daughter’s eyes asking what happened to my mom.. As I used to lie unconscious for hours.. This phase of my life, gave me a close look to what could be the effect of this on life of my people. It was like an alarm for me to get up do something ..I told myself, “you are wasting your life”.. “find your purpose”.. “start living”.. and just when I got my reports, I promised to myself that from now till the treatment period of whole one year I will never live a life of a patient, I will live more, work more, love more, be kind to people, help others, I do not know why this happened to me, but it gave me so many reasons to cherish life, my daughter became my biggest strength, because of her I completely forgot that I am under therapies, medications. My family, my friends and few of my relatives ,called up daily just to know the progress of my treatment,they traveled all the way long just to see for themselves if I am Okay.. I understood who actually care , and they have made a very special place in my heart by supporting me in this journey..Life itself is a biggest teacher, it teaches you so many things by what all you go through in life and we should Live the Life we learn!!

I am sharing this incident just to motivate all those who are reading this, we might feel that we have no good reason to cherish our lives, we might feel low about ourselves, we might fall after every defeating experience but most important thing in life is to get up every time you fall and give it back to life..We can have so many reasons to live for, you can find reason in your child’s smile or in your career.. Its just a mater of what YOU choose..How you want your life to be.. Going into depression and giving up on life is the most easy way out but accepting the challenges life gave u and throw back the ball in its own game is what makes the difference..this disease gave me high BP, Arthiritus, 13kg of weight gain, lower blood platelets, lower energy but still I love my life because i have more to cherish than to complain..

Just get up get going, let nothing stop you, live the life you want, be the designer of your only kind of version.

Stay blessed!

20 thoughts on “My Journey from Size M to Size XL

  1. Hi Priyanka, hope things are better and may you find the strength to face the issue. Get well soon, I shall say. Love your never say die attitude on the reluctance to be a patient. At times, it becomes a wake up call to conquer life and enjoy every moment. Tomorrow, I am set for a cholesterol test which was in control last time I checked and been off medications. Let’s see how things pan out.

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