The Mango Pickle!

We all have tasted that Mango pickle once in our life, sweet, sour,pungent, bitter, spicy.. filled with so many flavours. This is how the life is and the people around us are, what differentiates a person from another is the lasting effect their character,behavior, their personality has on our life.

It was a normal day, I was busy in my daily chores, while preparing breakfast, a thought came in my mind of giving a call to my grandma, It was quite sometime I had spoken to her, but I thought I will finish my work first then I will call her up, I got busy and that phone call thing slipped out my mind ,later in the evening I received a call from my dad informing me about my grandma passing away that afternoon, I was shocked, numb, shaken, I immediately called on her number but my aunt received the call, I could not believe that I would never be able to hear that voice again, I will never get to see her again in this life. Why did not I make that call?

This article is entirely and truly dedicated to my grandmother, An epitome of simplicity, my grandpa died even before I was born, my uncle passed away due to a chronic illness. Despite of all the hardships Life gave her, she managed to live her life so beautifully, I never heard her complaining, cribbing, crying or sobbing over things, I never heard her saying I am alone, I am helpless, She always had that divine glow on her face, so pure so bright.. she choose a path of simplicity, leading a simple life so beautifully with her near and dear ones, she was straight forward yet considerate, she was strict yet compassionate.

My childhood memories of grandma are priceless to me.She used to send her handmade mango pickle for me every summer and that taste is something I can never forget, it was filled with her sweetness, her magic of love. The only regret I have is that “PHONE CALL” I just kept thinking about it, I wish I had just picked up my phone and called her, I would have been able to listen to her for one last time.

At the end, I would say If you too have your Mango Pickle , just hold it tight.Never think twice before telling somebody that you care, specially when it comes to your family, family come first, they need us, we need them and everything else can wait.

“Na Jane Kaun Si Baat Aakhri Hogi,..Na Jane Kaun Raat Aakhri Hogi,

Karni Ho To Kar Lo Ji Bhar Ke Bat..Na Jane Kaun Si Sans Aakhri Hogi.”

Do you have that share of ” Mango Pickle ” with you?

Your comments make my day 💜

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