The Culture Khichdi!

Ever since childhood, I have traveled a lot and stayed at different places, experiencing the difference in culture, food, taste and preferences, dressing, a difference in opinion..what is good in one’s culture could be bad for another.

I always knew one culture i.e. “The Indian Culture”, but to its contrary, we have sub-cultures, customized cultures- based on caste and religion and of course the
culture of conveniences and how they get imposed on people in different ways.

From food habits to dressing style, to the way of speaking, I have experienced a lot of differences everywhere, what amuses me is, in spite of so many differences and YE and Wo thing..there is something which is still common, which is binding us all , wherever you go, who ever you are.. you are attached to those roots..and this reminds me of few lines from a song which I always remember whenever I travel to a new place…

Shehar Ek Se, Gaon Ek Se
Log Ek Se, Naam Ek se..
The only thing I could realize or observe throughout these years is, that basically, there prevails only one culture, “the Culture of fear” where in we are afraid
of being questioned, we are afraid of following others , we are reluctant to open up, we are unwilling to free ourselves from the old typecast beliefs.

Why not there be just one culture? The culture of “Let it Be” which gives you freedom , comfort, joy and peace. Stop being judgemental,  stop imposing the carried forward beliefs and just let it be…we all are fighting life’s battle in some or the other way, we manage to smile and live inspite of all the ups and downs, why not create a world which is little less stressed and make it a better place to live.



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