Compassion is the word!!


Recently I read about how an Auto Rickshaw driver saved a girl from being gang raped, it was published everywhere, the man did a heroic job, and I was happy to read about it but as I scrolled down to read the comments majority of people were arguing about the culprits being Hindu or Muslim and how one particular religion is always engaged in crimes and argument was endless. Somebody did something out of his way and that is what we plea for every time, we need more people like that Bengaluru Rickshaw driver. Why are we being judgmental when we need to be considerate?

A girl who is over-weight, crossing her marriageable age, living in depression, facing rejections, criticism and betrayal, so much to deal with, and people around her makes it more worse by making her realize her weaknesses and making her feel miserable.
we human beings always need a lift, not every person is self motivated or determined, we all need a push, but nobody becomes the strength and brings out the beauty out of the worst but when it comes to criticize we are ahead of anyone and everyone.

A newly married young women, enters into a new life expecting love from the in-laws, family like treatment and suddenly she finds she is not even allowed to enter the kitchen, she has to eat whatever is being served to her, whether she likes it or dislikes it, if she tries to decorate the house it is called “Change”, and that change is not allowed or acceptable. She is always treated as an outsider, she ends up shutting herself.. Why a women cant lift another woman?

A child who needs emotional support as he is weak from inside, but he is the stronger sex and if he admits and confesses to the world that he is weak ,he is unable to face the world, and is afraid of taking decisions. People will make fun of him, he will be made an object of mockery, people start criticizing him more, and he ends up in depression, there are certain human limitations, not everyone is the same, we see the world based on our beliefs and try to impose others to see it that way but the fact is we cannot understand the pain or suffering of others unless we get to the core of it.

For true compassion we will have to expand our understanding so we don’t mistakenly create more sorrow from suffering.
It entails a state of mind where there is no judgment about a situation or a person.
Sometimes the best action you can take to help relieve emotional suffering of another person is by being there with them with all your attention on the person and his/her problems, you don’t have to say nothing you just have to be there for them.
I read somewhere, that depression and anxiety are linked to a state of self-focus, a preoccupation with “me, myself, and I.” When you do something for someone else,
however, that state of self-focus shifts to a state of other-focus. If you recall a time you were feeling blue and suddenly a close friend or relative calls you for urgent help with a problem, you may remember that as your attention shifts to helping them, your mood lifts rather than feeling blue, you feel energized to help; before you know it, you may even have felt better and gained some perspective of your own situation as well.

#Life Lessons


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