Overcome your Fear!!


What is Fear?
What are you scared of?
What stops you?
What holds you back?

Ever questioned this to yourself? You need to. Do it now!!
We all have some fear within us, it could be stage fear, fear of getting defeated,fear of rejection,fear of not being accepted etc.etc. and the best way to overcome your fear is to FACE it, to just have an encounter with it and finish it off for once. Unless you are willing to face your fears, you probably wont be able to transcend them.

Identify your fears first, what is causing a barrier in your growth, or may be something which becomes a reason everytime for not doing something you actually
want to do,become an observer of your inner space,feel that fear and observe the whole thought process and as you get a hold of your thoughts you will realize that you
and only you have the power to shoo away all the fears of your life.

Recently I came across a very inspiring video of Muniba Mazari,a Pakistani Artist,activist, motivational speaker and television host. She uses a wheelchair due to injuries sustained in a car accident at the age of 21 which makes her Pakistan’s first wheelchair bound model. She fought a tough battle in her life, but came out of it
with such a grace and gratitude, it is actually worth a watch, I could not take my eyes off even for a moment.

The fear in which we live is all created by us and is initiated by the outside world, we carry those beliefs with us throughout our life, without even giving a single thought of
giving a try to overcome it and see the effects. A single step, a slight change in thinking can change our entire life and we can turn our weakness into strengths and
we can see our scars turning into the mark of beautiful experiences life has given us. It gives us an opportunity to grow and understand the true essence of our existence.
Overcome your fear. Think.Observe.Act.React.Just come over it!!

“Journey of thousand miles could be completed only when that single step is taken.”

#beyourhero #faceyourfears #outshine


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