The Unsolved Question Paper.


“Life is an exam where the syllabus is unknown and question papers are not set”  an excerpt from the famous author Sudha Murthy’s book ,Wise and Otherwise.

We all prepare for the exams very seriously,throughout our lives, passing out each and every exam is the only motto we have. We try to give our hundred percent in order to get the desired results, but there are few set of people who do not even try to attempt the question paper.

Throughout our academic life we have met these five kind of people, few who simply comes into the top list, few comes out with distinction, few are happy to score average marks, few just cross the border line and then there are few who fail terribly and all the complications in their life begins, they face criticism, they get demotivated, disheartened and just lose all the hopes to make through it.

Sounds familiar? Yes, as the same situation applies to our life, amongst us we have some strong, tough and determined souls , who just make it even with life in every situation, for some it seems to be manageable, some people find it difficult to cope up with the tough times but eventually they also learn and grow, problems arises for those who do not even attempt to clear the clutter from their lives, and face all the complications with a heavy heart.

I would not say that the attempt will surely lead them to success , but slowly and gradually success comes to those who TRY, what counts the most is the attempt you made to make it even with your present situation focusing on a better tomorrow for yourself.

#Solvethequestionpaper #takeitup #makeit



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