Take time for the little things in life!!

Appreciate the little things in your life as they are many, you just need to stop and look around, take time to smell the roses, take time to look up to the sky, take time to answer endless questions of a toddler, take time to smell the rain, take time for the people when they are still alive and with you, as you never know when that moment will become a memory.


Take time for yourself, in our daily routine,we work , we perform all our duties but we forget to live, we forget to rejoice the beauty of life, we fail to appreciate what present moment has for us.

A child comes to you ,out of curiosity asks several questions to you, you are tired from all your work but that child need answers to his questions, answer him, he needs you at this moment may be few years later he would be able to find out all the answers from google or may be somewhere else,then you might miss the question answer session with your little one.

kid ques

A mother,a wife cooks for you, perhaps this is the best cooking she could offer, but we hardly appreciate her, we hardly reciprocate her by saying few words which could lift her,thinking that its her daily job.

A friend needs to meet you,wants to speak but you are too tied up with your work that you keep on postponing the meeting, you need to look around, everything else can wait, money can be earned later but our near and dear ones cannot wait for you for lifetime, if they need your love,they need it now, if they need your attention they need it now, because now is all we know and now is all we have, who knows the next moment,nobody knows but still we all live for that next moment,next day, overlooking what present has in store for us.


Appreciate-Love-Take Time-Value-A good life is a collection of all the happy moments- try to get some and try to give some.



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