Saat Janam Edited!!


We hear this every time, saat Janmo ka bandhan, saat janmo ka sath..One marriage locks you with your partner for next seven lives…Saat Vachan are the Seven vows that the Bride and Bridegroom take at the time of a Hindu wedding. It is believed,accepted and adopted since tradition..married women even fast, stay hungry the entire day just for the long lives of their husband and praying that in each life they get the same life partner. even our parents when they see their children happy together , they feel content.


Now the Edit: If the existence of saat janam is the truth then why this kolaveri di? 🙂 Sometimes parents find the best match for us and sometimes we meet someone and form a instant connection, we get the feeling of–yes ,she/he is the one with whom I would be able to spend my whole life. True love has its own meaning, it definitely cannot be gauged or defined.

The fact being that 80% of the marriages are still arranged and might be successful. Love marriages are still not well accepted. From my personal experience I would say that whenever I tell people that it was love cum arranged marriage, the first question they ask is– Gharwale maan gae? and that surprising look on their face leaves me with amusement, yes maan gae 🙂

Adhering to the Saat Janam promises we made in every janam…sometimes our parents are able to find the exact one and sometimes we find them for our self…Husbands and wives were connected in the past, whether their connections were good or bad, those connections never fail to meet. If two people are meant for each other, they will find their ways to connect to each other, and considering the promises they made and the law of Karma they might be facing , nothing is actually in control. Sometimes they find each other sometimes parents find the ones for us..

While both love and arranged marriages possess their own advantages and disadvantages, the question that persists in an urban Indian context, where the marriage scenario has undergone a drastic change is – love marriages or arranged marriages which will prove to be more successful? 

Would like to have your feedback on this, it will help to understand the thought process in context with the current scenario where-in more and more marriages are at stake, be it arranged or love.

Your comments make my day 💜

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