Let mommy handle it!!

Yeah!! Let mommy handle her child, when a mom is being tough she is saving next generation!!

A recent Advertisement by All Out Mosquito Repellent, gives out a very strong message on this very important aspect of a child’s upbringing, We as mothers , come across many such situations quite often when we want to put some seeds of discipline or realization in our child but we are stopped or hindered by our spouse, parents,in laws, friends and other relatives.

Well although there is nothing called as a perfect parenting but still what all a mother knows and understands from her experiences and her awareness , She wants her child to understand the importance or value of the issue. The fact that the mothers are mostly being criticized on being tough on her child , on the contrary, are also blamed for not giving proper upbringing for not teaching values to the child.. The most common dialogue you might come across is— Maa ne kuch sikhaya nahi kya?

Let her do her work, when a mother is being tough on her child she is trying to make him/her understand something.. here being tough doesn’t mean scolding or hitting the child.. but there are ways by which you can give the message that THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. Whole family should support the mother because if they don’t, the child gets the message that no one values my mother’s decision in the house and gradually the child too starts taking her for granted and a mother starts to fail.

Time has changed, we were born and bought up in a completely different environment , today the environment is different, the need of a child is different so approach too needs to be different, We as a parents needs to be more of a Emotional and Mental Coach for the Child rather than being mere Controller of their lives.

#standbytoughmoms #letmommyhandleit


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