Follow your Passion!!


” When you attach PASSION to your dream..You get yourself closer to achieving it” — Bob Kennedy

In one of my recent article on Women’s day , Women v/s Women I had spoken on how a women lifting another women can help her and the society as a whole, instead of putting them down.. While we need such women who are lifting others, we also need women with some Passion within them, some desire to fire.. Any dream is incomplete without passion, Passion acts as an oxygen to your dreams, as rightly quoted by Swami Vivekanada– ” Take up one Idea. Make that one idea your life, think of it,dream of it, live on that idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body, be full of that idea and leave every other idea alone. This is the way to success!!”

I completely believe in this idea of following your #passion , even if your ideas are considered to be naive. So here I decided to mention few women I know in my life who turned their passion into their profession. Women have to give up on their job due the family constraints, proper upbringing of the child.. but what is important is to keep that fire burning inside and yes the passion to excel.

I would point out few Women I know, although they are not working professionals or working with big companies but are certainly making a difference in their lives by simply doing things they loved to do and are good at.


Meiha Sharma , Bangalore. MERA Fashions.

Who knew that an Introductory session on Textile Dyeing & Printing in her academics will spark a passion within her for fabrics. After 3 yrs of learning n experimenting with textile and its dyeing and printing methods, she developed an interest in it and got 2nd highest grade in the batch. Ever since then it had charmed her forever.
Her love for fabrics led to MERA Fashions, after setting up her baby’s schedule she was all set to launch an idea of selling of dresses and sarees and everything related to fabrics, using various Social Media Platforms.

Go catch out some classy stuffs @


Anuja Deshpande, Nashik. Anu’s Craft Zone.

MBA by qualification, worked with many companies and have gained prominent experience. She choose her passion above her job and instead of working under pressure she believed in working for pleasure and created room for her hobby and turned it into a business. She being a craft loving person creates aesthetically crafted stuffs like paper handbags, gift box, envelopes for those who love to treat their near and dear ones through some unique & custom designed gifting ideas.

Explore the art @


Dhara Vaishnav, Mumbai. Reasonable Products by D.V.

After working in animation industry for a quite a long time, she decided to take a break from her professional life to give more time to her only daughter, but the urge to do something kept craving inside her. She wanted to do something which can help her take care of her baby and also help her stay in her career path, after much thought work involved and being a shopaholic, she ended up making her own Online Shop and started selling varied range of products like household items, clothing, kid’s wear, gift items etc. Using various Social media platforms

Shop and explore @


Jyoti Harish, Thane. Naani’s InstaFoods.

In today’s fast paced world, the working class have a tough task in hand of balancing their professional as well as personal life. Having worked with several multinational companies for over 18 years, handling a high pressure job, it wasn’t easy. She always felt , she should try & come up with a product that will make the strenuous life of the working class (especially women), students studying abroad (exposed to a whole lot of junk food) & new mothers slightly more relaxed & enjoyable as far as cooking is concerned. That is how ‘NAANI’S InstaFood came about one day.

Discover the taste @

If u observe , just in these few examples, one thing is common the URGE to do something…the urge to perform and break the monotony. If you have it in you , you will definitely find a way out, so just identify what you are passionate about and just go and unravel it..Life’s biggest journey starts by taking that ONE step. Go for IT!!


#Letsgetbacktowork #passion #gogetit



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  1. You have paid a fitting tribute to the wonderful women inspiring the world and making such a huge difference. Your writing reflects a lot about society and challenging issues. The mighty power of your pen, Priyanka.

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