Reduce the Baggage!!

Your Passport to Salvation!!

Throughout our life, we carry so much baggage with ourselves, unnecessarily. Baggage of expectations, baggage of grudges, baggage of anger and baggage of lots of emotions, only wanting to drop it at the very end of our journey. The solution lies in not having conflicts but in resolving them as soon as one can.

So why not resolve all the conflicts within before we head towards our final destination. Take quick action on what truly matters.We spend more time thinking and thus create more negativities around us. Lot of people know what is needed to be done at that moment, but don’t do anything about it. While you’re caught up in what you think you cannot escape out of it.

In relationships if you had some bad incidents, you start to distance yourself from those , once you have truly loved or appreciated. A certain mismatch of ideologies are bound to happen in any relationship but we just stop communicating and we start thinking that we no longer cherish the company of that person but the fact is we do not agree with a particular dominant thought of that person which could be just ignored in positive manner, but we choose to move away. Problem lies in the thought process of the person and not with the person. This understanding helps you to unburden the bitterness you carry for someone once you cherished being with.

Why do we have to wait for that last moment? when the thought still keeps on knocking our subconscious mind now and then, that things would have been different if I would have handled the given situation in a certain manner, why not take a call, right now? before life gives up on you.. Take that call, unburden yourself, reduce the baggage before your final call and live as a free soul!!

#Reducethebaggage #salvation




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