This disease can actually kill!!


As rightly quoted by Bob Dylan— “Don’t criticize, what you can’t understand”.

This single word is the biggest reason for depression,suicides and isolation around the world. This single word has been the catalyst why people have locked their desires,passion and hobbies and are living their life by making huge efforts not to come under the public scanner. The power of this word in shattering someones self-esteem is legendary. Over the time people have found new and innovative ways to take this word into the main stream and with the advent of social media it has been a cake walk for the cult followers of this demigod to unleash their wrath on the poor and hapless souls.

But my question is why do we need this word in our life? If given a choice we can be critical about anything and everything but why do we really need it. It’s easy to criticize others and destroy them but isn’t there any other way we can put forward our thoughts without maligning the person in public??? Why can’t criticism come in a polite and constructive way. Why does it always have to be explosive, destructive and earth shattering.Why cant people accept the fact that not everyone is the same and that people can’t be perfect all the time.

I personally have the problem with people who think they are perfect. Perfection is thrown around so casually by people who it looks like they bought a kg of perfection from a grocery store. If someone is aiming for perfection then I will salute that person but it should not be at the cost of criticizing others. Everyone who believes he or she is perfect need to understand that even they started out as amateurs.

Lets start a movement and lets take a wow that we will never criticize others and if by any chance we are better than someone lets help that person in being better. Its can be analytical but being critical is not professional. We are the privileged few who can read and write and use words to our advantage. Lets promise ourselves that the next time we use our knowledge it should be to lift others and not to pull them down. There is immense talent in this world and they are just waiting for that one positive word from someone who will give them the confidence to come out of their isolation and create an impact on this world. I want each and every one of you reading this to make a promise to yourself that you will never criticize others.

Let us not be the reason for someone to go back into hiding. Lets start a movement and lets spread the word around, I want you all to say with me and I want you all to follow this one simple mantra in life I will not fall for this disease #IWILLNOTCRITICIZE.

#Stopcricizingpeople #liftothers




  1. I fully endorse what you say. Let’s take small steps in bettering ourselves without putting others down. The purpose of education is uplift and empower. No criticism doesn’t need to be scathing in destroying others but gently point out at flaws. Priyanka, your words are worth gold.

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