I have never ever reviewed any movie, and after watching the movie October , I first time felt like writing about a movie watching experience. Let me tell you ‘October’ is not for an audience seeking entertainment, with its slow moving pace, it might seem boring to some. It is a story that will take you to the emotional voyage, It might remind of you the old love classic stories like Erich Segal’s Love Story and will leave you wonder-struck to the simplicity and beauty of the story telling.

Story in brief:

The movie breathes around the fragrance, blossom and season of a much loved flower by Shiuli (Night Jasmine flower) and Dan’s unconditional story of dedication and he being part of Shiuli’s motionless world after she met with a deadly accident.An accident in which her family is struggling hard in keeping the 21-year-old alive in her comatose state. Shiuli’s chances of survival seem bleak. A young 21 year old boy careless, clumsy but good at heart. He can never express himself but went beyond his life to put some life in Shiuli’s motionless world. They were not lovers, they were just colleagues , who shared few eye contacts and some general conversation.

After the accident when he sees Shiuli in almost dead condition, something inside him changes and that draws him to her silent world and something starts blossoming in between them, when everybody had given up on her , he was sure of her recovery and put his everything at stake just to make it work, just to see her back in life..rare dialogues and a lot of silence but the movie never looses its spirit. The beauty of the movie lies in its simplicity. A must watch for those who love to take a emotional ride and have a heart for sentiments 🙂



2 thoughts on “October!

  1. There are certain emotions that bind strangers and it seems October taps the emotions in a sensitive and gentle manner looking at human frailties. I missed watching in theater and will check if it’s still showing this week. Thanks Priyanka for sharing your thoughts about the movie.

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