Digitally Yours!!

Where conversations have become texting, discussions have become con calls and feelings have become status updates, I wonder we are loosing human touch!!

Today life has become so convenient and customized , you follow somebody you like, you remove/block somebody whom you no longer like to stay in touch with, as simple as that. You make yourself too much accessible everywhere and when that little sign of disappointment or negativity crops-in, in your life you disconnect yourself from the digital world and go into isolation. Getting likes and beautiful comments on your latest picture or your latest status updates acts as a dopamine , makes you happy and also for some it is a source of motivation but we should not fall prey for it. We put pictures/updates for our self, somebody liking it or not should not affect us in such a manner that we go into self-doubt. Always remember that we the people have made these apps and platforms for our social interactions and means of spreading words , not to lose our emotional and mental harmony, let nothing control you except for you!

Was it this easy before, may be ten years back? I still remember and cherish those days as people had that personal reach for the ones they care. That was the time when people used to think it is better to talk in person rather than simply SMSing or Phone calling as it creates “misunderstanding”. Although Social Media is the need of the hour, no matter how much we deny , but the fact is that this is the future and we have to live with it, on the other hand I feel few things are being left out unaddressed, unexplained and untouched..  Can you imagine blocking away someone from your life ten years before?  Well, you could stop talking for like days, months but one day when you confront that person , chances are all your anger will melt away and you might end up resolving the differences.. On Social Media Account , we make it loud and clear that you are no more needed in my life, by simply blocking them or removing them and if by chance any day we realize something we unblock them.. sounds like a virtual game?

We do not have the choice to stay away from the Social Media but we can certainly decide how well do we use it!! With so many platforms/apps , we spread our presence like anything .. its like social media pe kitna shor hai and personaly ye bandi/banda kuch aur hai!!  Be yourself wherever you are, be it personal , be it digital!! Reach people!! Make it digitally personal or else we will lose out the basic joy of life. Stay in touch!! Stay happy!!




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5 thoughts on “Digitally Yours!!

  1. Priyanka! At least someone telling this with this whole digital madness of likes or pages where human relationship has gone for a toss. Earlier we never had this option and remember did stop talking to some people but after ages, spoke to them, Ha! No blocking option for real humans!

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