Are you OK?

If I ask you are you OK, you say Yes, with a smile! 🙂

Not necessarily everyone you meet everyday is really OK. Behind that single word “OK” goes a lot of jolt and jittery inside and finally what we hear is, Yeah! I am alright.

Not everyone you meet across is OK.

Not even the ones who say they are.

Try and understand those unsaid words, incomplete sentences and off the track talks in between a conversation.

Sometimes it become difficult to open up make it easy for them, make them comfortable, just go and hold them.

Try to find if someone is lost, bring them back.

Try to sooth someone’s agony. Try to be that ear, who gives an unconditional hear.

Be that someone who is above those judgement clauses and rules which make you loose the focus, help someone get back in life and through his pain help him survive.

Few words muttering here and there.. some sound spluttering in the air, those tears rolling down in despair and someone’s growling deep down inside in blare.

Just Be there! Be Aware! Be Reachable! Be Available!






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