Why health is wealth?

Take Care of your body as it is the only place you have to live!

A very popular and ancient saying— Health is Wealth, which we all have been hearing now and then. But why Health is Wealth?

You are in the most active state of physical and mental being, when you are healthy. You have the world around you, you are full of life and ready to go few extra miles to accomplish your life goals, but only when we are in sync with our healthy being.We usually tend to take the most important things in life, for granted. Such is the case with our attitude towards our health, our body. Why do we have to wait for a new year to start and then to make a new year’s resolution to work out, to get fit, to look fab or to come out as healthy you? We all have this one resolution in our list, right? Why do we have to wait till the next Monday to start working out or may be next month?

Our body needs attention, they give signs and no one else can take care of our selves as we could do. Our health is the greatest contentment, the greatest wealth of all. All our life we run behind our career, relationships, social interactions and our health goes for a toss. We overlook the most important aspect of our living i.e. our body, our healthy state.

Increasing level of physical inactivity could lead to negative health conditions. As per the survey and research only 30 % of the population is disciplined about their exercise regime. Rest keep on fluctuating based upon their lifestyle. A well balance diet, a 15 minutes workout in any form, some walking, some stretching could help us stay in harmony with our inner and outer body. Before anyone else you need to pamper your body, nourish it with healthy food and healthy lifestyle.

and the best day to start is TODAY.Even a small step taken towards your health helps, you could start with walking, increased level of physical activity, following a routine, drinking a lot of water, eating fresh fruits and vegetables, proper sleep,stay active,stay happy.

Your health is precious! The most wealthiest asset!

Take Care!

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