The Broken Jar

I got a beautiful message of life, while I lost my mixer jar.. 🙂

It is said that a true personality of a person is revealed while who he is under pressure, and not when everything is fine.

Little things in our daily life keeps on adding up and someday we just freak out as we are not able to deal with it anymore. It is a natural phenomena to feel that way for anyone at any point of time in our lives.

Important point to give a thought is, why it happened at all? and what are we doing to avoid these kind of situations, where in we break down easily. We all have certain skill sets with some or more amount of inbuilt capacity. Use it carefully and in limit, where you can perform with a positive mindset and get desired result. Never put yourself under unwanted pressure and trouble you little brain inside your head which needs a pampering at times. 🙂

Come out of your pressure zone!



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