Alone or Lone-ly

Being alone is a state of physically being and being lonely is an emotional state. Have we ever thought on these lines, a very thin line of difference here but has a little large impact on any human. Yesterday I was reading an interesting article about how being alone and being lonely are two different aspects of one’s life. How being alone or choosing to stay alone gives you a sense of freedom a physical and mental freedom whereas being lonely gives you a sense of emotional abandon , a loudest cry in silence.

On one hand, if being alone connects you to yourself, help you find solitude and content, on the contrary loneliness leads you to despair and dependency. If alone people are happy to feel free to think and act ,lonely people are always thinking of how alone they are. Most of us, unconsciously or consciously, try many ways to escape out from the feeling of emptiness when we have nothing to do. But ultimately what all methods that we try is for running away from this loneliness.  We might be surrounded by crowd and find our self utterly lonely. We may cook, listen to favorite playlist, read an interesting book and the moment we are done, there it hits again and loneliness starts invading our mental space. It sounds like loneliness is always there waiting, watching, withdrawing only to hit again.

Well, we become victim of our own mind and once our mind has tried and tested all the escapades like intellectual explanations, friendship,help groups etc to derive meaning to everything, there comes a time to understand the actual ,to feel it for our self.  When there is nothing for our mind to rely upon, and only to refer to as knowledge gained from experience. We stumble upon this state of being Alone. Just when you realize it, your mind is no longer seeking and has extraordinary beauty to hold.

Capable of being alone is an art to embrace!! After all enjoying your own company could be a pure bliss. Also, It is absolutely acceptable to feel lonely, trapped in your emotions at times, but only if you feel that it will diminish over the time. However, if you still feel that the sinking feeling never goes away, that probably needs help from the outside, whatever help that looks like to you, reach out, do not fall into self doubt, do not pressurize yourself and you can be alone without feeling lonely 🙂

Priyanka #virtualsiyahi

11 thoughts on “Alone or Lone-ly

  1. There is a thin line, I think, between alone and lonely. Many people enjoy this intellectual freedom while some can be trapped with themselves or in an unfulfilling relationship. I have enjoyed my ME time but yes there are lot more that can be achieved by exploring relationships or getting back to be the with the self. A fresh perspective.

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  2. i think everyone, at some point in their life feels lonely! and i think, it’s rather important! during this time, we tend to learn a lot and we also work on ourselves, only to be better versions of ourselves, which is very important!

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