What they see in you,when they see you? Your qualities? Your struggles? Your strengths? Your Confidence? Your power and willingness to achieve? Your determination?

Reasons for which, either you get admired or people envy you…but who are THEY? Who are these people who try to put you down, who can’t be a part of your happiness or your achievements.. THEY are simply a bundle of self-loathing people around us. They could not make any meaningful choices in their own life and now they hide in self-absorbed and emotionless pit. It’s what they see in us is just that lack of something in their own life,which they failed to attempt at first,and then fulfill it. They find flaws in you,they pull you down,they criticize you,make fun of your hard work…but in the end THEY never matter. We need to stick to the ones who admire us,who look up to us,who get inspired by our work and encourage us.

Everyone in their life,gets a fair amount of time to stand up and take that one step towards their dream, to make some difference in their life by beginning to do something instead of complaining and criticizing. We all are constant work-in-progress, and success occurs to us only when we are ready to take that leap of faith and move ahead. Some will keep on thinking about the pros and cons of it, while others will just go with it. When THEY see people moving ahead of them ,they complain of life being harsh to them and again fall in the grey pit of self pitying.

Spread love. Work hard. One life. Dream. Achieve. Thing big.Stay Happy!



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