Why I Write!

There is no one reading but I write

There is no one waiting but I write

friends make fun and ignore the efforts but I write

I see closer ones change and avoid me, but I write

I love the world of words and smell of the ink,so I write..

I write because I want to live free..

I write because I want to see each and every aspect of life..

I write because I want to be more compassionate..

I write because I want to show gratitude..

I write because I am in love with words..

I write because this passion gives me a meaningful life..

I write because ,when my brain is occupied with so much of positive thoughts, there remains no space for any negativity..

I write because I love to write,writing out gives me a sense of responsibility and building a never-ending connection with people around me. I love to share my experiences,my learning with people and situation around me.If I am able to bring some positivity in any one’ s life it will serve my purpose,If I am able to boost some one’s morale then I will feel accomplished! 🙂





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