I too have a love story!

Since I call it as my Open Diary Blog, I have the liberty to pen down anything. Today sharing something very special and close to my heart.

Few months back, I was approached by a very popular Journalist Tiana Catherine,from my native place, she was searching for some good love stories and yes, I had one… 🙂

While narrating her our story the most difficult part was to actually narrate it in just few sentences,as I am living that love story and I must admit ,although I could write on hundreds of topic, when it came to telling my own story I was nervous and blushing :).

So here is the exact story published in the newspapers few months back,hope you enjoy reading it.

Free Press Journal, Indore: Accepting every hurdle as a stepping stone to success, 32-year- old Priyanka and 35-year- old Binu have ensured that their life has best of north and south Indian traditions. Though falling in love was easier than getting married, their friendship solved even that problem.

Sharing their story, Priyanka said, “Love is something that we feel, not necessarily spoken in words and shown in gifts… at least that is how it is in our case.” Met in accountancy coaching class, they soon discovered themselves as neighbors in 2005. “I was in second year of graduation and he was my senior,” Priyanka said.

Coming from conservative families, they did not speak to each other directly. “We would notice each other and gestures were enough to communicate,” Nair said. They stayed as acquaintances throughout graduation. “Our story continued as I enrolled for master in business administration (MBA) in the same college as him,” Priyanka said. Both of them could sense one another’s feelings but never put it in words. “After MBA, my father got transferred and we moved to Chandigarh,” Priyanka said.

She felt incomplete leaving without Mr. Nair. “He had tears in his eyes when I left and I did not want to leave either,” Priyanka said. Their relation took a new turn as they wrote emails to each other. “It was in 2008, when we had simple cell phones and had to go to cyber cafes for sending mails,” Priyanka said.

Eventually, they got SMS packs that allowed them to communicate through the night. “We would chat on sms all night about every little thing in our lives,” Priyanka said. “We knew it would be a tough battle because our cultures were poles apart, rather everything was opposite in our families,” Nair said.

While Priyanka’s mother worried about her daughter’s adjustment, Nair’s mother could not visualize a North Indian daughter-in- law. “My dad liked him and agreed to give us a year to convince everyone considering that I chose not to marry at all if not him,” Priyanka said. Knowing that her mother-in- law did not like her, she started conversation with birthday greeting. “I started calling his mother and tried to please her in every way possible way. Finally, she gave in. Convincing my mother was not a difficult job, as she wanted me to be happy,” Priyanka said. Priyanka and Binu K Nair’s patience paid off. And their love won, finally.

Finally, it has been seven beautiful years now and we are happily enjoying both the cultures in our own way.



8 thoughts on “I too have a love story!

  1. Aha! Now I know your love story and such a sweet tale about love finding each other. Now, after reading your lovey dovey tale, wanna pen a fiction love story on blog, something which has always been my forte. Never knew he is binu and thought was you only. It’s nothing less than fiction and good ole romance. Oh yeah, the simple handsets…I bet Nokia 3310 and package offering us special SMS rates or free post-midnight adds beauty.

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