The Davinci Mindset System

What do you think is the core element, for the right approach towards anything you do in your life? MINDSET. isn’t it? The right mindset could take you to the places you have never imagined yourself to be. Few days back , I had this honour of being interviewed by Kenny Aronson, founder of The Davinci Mindset System,Ohio. He specialize in memory and mind development training systems to help people reach their fullest potential. His mission is to spread knowledge and implementation of whole brain thinking and learning. He insists that there’s a problem in the world of mindlessness and 99% of people never learning how to learn and he is there to fix this problem!

Davinci Mind Training System is created to help people, achieve their greatest potential.  The majority of people interested in self-development spend countless hours training their bodies in the gym with rigorous training regimens.  But one thing many people never consider is a training system for their brain.

Davinci Mindset Podcast is an initiative he took in order to understand the mindset of people and get the deeper insights from different walks of life, from different countries and different cultures. 

During our Podcast, we had an amazing discussion on the environment I grew up in and how it helped me to shape my personality. How is Indian Education system? What is the scenario with the jobs and entrepreneurship in India? How does it help me as a person being a open diary blogger? How to overcome anxiety? etc. It was a very meaningful discussion. I got to learn a lot while speaking to Kenny and we shared our view on how a right mindset helps a person to develop him for his own betterment. Listen to the podcast to find out more.

Hope you all enjoy listening to my first ever podcast 🙂


Podcast with Kenny Aronson




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