Life after Lymph-nodes Tubercular

Yes you read it right, it is Lymph-nodes Tubercular.A very rare and severe form of TB.

I was working full-time as an Administrative Officer happily doing all my household chores, managing home and work, my family, my baby girl, all well-balanced life. But life has always got other plans for you. It was in late 2016, when I was diagnosed with TB , for which I have written an article My Journey from Size M to Size XL last year.

Life has never been same for me after that, Health-wise!! After a whole one year of treatment, I was completely cured and back to life but the medication process took toll over my health so much that I got various medical conditions as side effects of one major illness I had once. I have high Blood Pressure, Joint pain, thyroid, continuous pins and needles sensation in my hands and arms while I am sleeping but my body has got used it by now.

Most of all, Increased weight!!!! Due to the heavy steroids, I had to consume for a longer period, I gained a lot of weight. After my recovery I tried gyming,running and everything but due to multiple infected lymph nodes in my body right from neck area to lower abdomen, my body had become very weak, even after treatment. I started to feel the difference, as I easily got worked up, I fell ill more frequently,all this because of the lower immunity. Although I  am cured completely and try to take good care of myself,but my body is no same like before. But yes I am more strong mentally and emotionally 🙂

The whole period of my treatment, was the time I got a realty check about my circle, about life,about people around us. Who actually care and who were the ones trying to understand a mother struggling hard with a disease yet managing to smile in front of her little girl. I faced very bad behavior/attitude of people in those days, as soon as they would hear the word TB, they would go ten steps back ward, as if it will spread while I am speaking to them. It was lymph node TB , so no cold or coughing was there and was completely noninfectious. Sometimes people around you make it more difficult for you, isn’t it? It is due to the lack of awareness, maximum no. of people know only one form of TB i.e related to Lungs and also most common type of TB.

Next time you meet someone battling with a disease, trying to make a come back in life. Be the one to make him/her feel comfortable and be there for him,it helps 🙂





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