Five signs that you are an Ambivert!

We all have heard and met all kinds of social animals in our life. Introverts and extroverts being the most popular types of human species, we come across more often. It depends upon a person’s ability and how they interact with others, which in turn divide them under these two categories. These two behavioural conditions could be extremely different in a given situation, an Introvert prefers staying to themselves, concerned with their own thoughts and feelings, does not open up too quickly and is quite less expressive. On the contrary, an Extrovert is a person whose life is a never-ending party, a social animal, loves to be surrounded by people, socially confident and very much outgoing.

Now we have something called as Ambiverts, a person who has a balance of extrovert and introvert features in their personality. How does it sound to you? A person who can be introvert and extrovert at the same time, depending upon the people he/she is surrounded with. This kind of people never faces adjustment problems as they could manage both the crucial aspect of a human behaviour at the same time that too with proper balance. Well, you just cannot be an Ambivert, all of a sudden because it might be an inbuilt trait in us, a part of human functioning which cannot be overridden, but if you are confused to draw a conclusion as to which category you belong then yes you might be an Ambivert if :

  • You are able to form an instant connection with anyone you meet.
  • You can work alone and also in the group.
  • Some people perceive you as an introvert and some as an extrovert.
  • Spending too much time with people makes you full and when you are all alone, you look out for a company.
  • You can be a party animal and also a peace seeker in a corner of a party

If we talk about the pros and cons of each, there would be many and absolutely depending upon the situation a person is in. There are times when an Introvert is ignored or uninvited because he does not mingle easily and keeps a low key and an extrovert is most loved and welcomed because they bring life to a social gathering and makes a meeting more interesting. But Ambiverts too might struggle to identify that, in which bracket they exactly fall and the moving in and out with people would be rougher in this case, in spite of many positive aspects.

So what do you think you are? An Introvert, Extrovert or an Ambivert?

P.S: I could discover and write a few lines about this only when I found myself to be an Ambivert. 🙂 Till now, I used to think I am a pure extrovert.



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