A tribute to beauty

He weaved poetry…
I loved his symmetry…

With just a few conversation exchange…
Someone for a change…

Took me to the moon with his magical words and now I just cannot stop bragging about this tributary!!

Thank you so much for this amazing piece!! 🙂


Deep eyes that reflect her love,

Dark flowing hair,

I cannot get enough

Of her satin beautiful skin,

I can sense the energy

Her being is giving

And resonating to me

She represents beauty

And is so amazing to to me

And when I hear her speak

The wisdom echoes to me

Her thoughts enlighten

She has deep intelligence

She has strength of conviction

She has a heart of passion

She has a soul giving off a golden glow

From the love and compassion she shows

A kindness very rarely seen

She is a one in a million dream

Yes she is so beautiful to me

Anyone would gladly offer her fealty

She is magical and creative

Conjuring images with words divine

She crafts out genius

And that is so sublime

I wonder how wonderful she would be

Standing very close me

Looking into her deep beautiful eyes

Seeing all…

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