Gratitude- My only resolution

If you are following me then you must be aware that I have just finished my 28 Days Magical Challenge of being grateful, expressing gratitude to anything and everything around me. This challenge was inspired by the prolific author Rhonda Byrne’s book, The Magic, I read it twice and understood the deep meaning it holds.

We all live a life very much fairly distributed, with equal months, equal hours in a day and seconds. We all get equal opportunities to live, to love, to explore. Getting successful or not in a task is a later part, but taking that first step towards it is the most important task we can do for ourself.

Let us start with GRATITUDE. Especially in relationships when we have a lot to complain and we overlook good things in it, we ignore the positive aspects and tend to carry on with the blame game. When you really sit down and think of all the good things happening with you and make a note of it DAILY, yes Daily, I insist. It will turn your life upside down.

Today is the first day of another 365 chances you are going to get daily for your own self, start counting your blessings, make a note of it, take care of your relationships, health, wealth, money, set realistic goals, work towards your goals.

If you really want to make a difference in your life then start NOW.

Much Love and gratitude



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