When I am not judged?

I am judged…

When I speak my heart out…I am too chatty

When I stay low key … I might have some issues

When I try to do different things…I am not serious about one thing

When I apply bright red lipstick…I am seeking attention

When I wear a short skirt…I am trying to show some skin 

When I drape a beautiful saree…I am not modern 

When I apply Sindoor (Vermilion)…who does that nowadays

When I can’t be a perfect cook…I am a bad housewife

When my house is not perfectly organized… I am good for nothing

When my children behave ill…I haven’t taught them anything

When I choose to build a career…I am too ambitious

When I sit at home being a post-grad…I am a waste of time

When I explore life independently… I am unpredictable

When I am trying to be me… you try to push me…pull me…

Why can’t you just let me be me…

My life, My choices, Let me rejoice it!!

For all the woman, by a woman, with much love and gratitude




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