The Mystery of Mantras

Mantras are mystic sounds which produce a certain type of energies.”Mananath Trayathe Ithi Mantraha” It is believed that Mantra protects the person who recites it. Mantras are invented for the welfare of the person reciting it, by giving him mental peace, harmony and positive outlook towards life.

Mantras pierce through the clouds of doubt and selfish calculations and bring you to the clear sky of understanding and true vision. Mantras are the chants of classic Hindu spiritual tradition. Mantras have the power to bring you good or evil, depending on the intention of the person using it. We sculpt the future with our words and anything said is sooner or later manifests itself in a very tangible form, this is why one needs to be responsible for his or her own words. With a single spoken word we affect the world around us as well as our inner psyche in a very direct and inevitable way. Be it a beautiful poem or a cursing, everyone can feel the emotions behind the words and its effects.

So we can imagine the power of Mantra recitation, which is full of energies and vibrations. The most common or we can say the source of all the Mantras is the single word OM.  Om is a combination of three main sounds: Aa-Uu-Ma, wherein Aa represents Vishnu, the sustainer, Vu represents Siva, the destroyer, and Ma represents Brahma, the creator. It is the most common mantra used while practicing meditation since ages to awaken the higher self. The vibrations produced while continuously reciting OM could be felt over a period of time. It is believed that the vibrations of OM sound help in vibrating the cells of the body and cleansing the aura, developing a positive energy vibrational field in and around you.

It is said that there is a Mantra for everything, right from health, job, money, prosperity etc. But I personally only follow the OM mantra while I meditate. It connects you with your inner self and relaxes your mind and body. Hope you enjoyed reading about the Mystery of Mantras! I am researching more on it 🙂

Much love and gratitude





2 thoughts on “The Mystery of Mantras

  1. Om is very symbolic, significant and holds so much power, aura and energy transporting its might to the soul. You have beautifully explained the significance of mantra and the vibes surrounding its form offering a balm and even an agnostic person like me swears by it, Priyanka.

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