Daily Mood Tracker

How is your mood today?

Happy, sad, disappointed, angry, or simply bad… We experience so many emotions in a day and at the end of the day when we sit and recall everything we say the day was either good or bad and just look forward for another day. We always make a mental note of all the bad things happening around us or with us, but we hardly remember little goodness we receive every day. Why not start today, why not start counting our blessings and focus on the bight side of life. I started with this idea of maintaining a daily mood tracker and in my personal diary, I do mention what I am grateful for and why?

Virtual Siyahi

I think at the end of the month or year when I will look at this journal, I would be able to identify my own self, we need to keep discovering ourself and for that, we need to track ourself more closely. It might look time-consuming but trust me it is not, it is just one-time pain of creating this kind of sheet and taking out a print of that sheet, that’s it. These kind of Daily Mood Tracker printable sheets are available on the internet also or you can create one for yourself. Do it, be with yourself for a while, it will make you feel good, talk to yourself daily or else you might miss out little goodness in your life.

Take Charge of your life, Invest in yourself.

Much love and gratitude



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