What is this follow to unfollow?

Who doesn’t loves appreciation and genuine followers? Wait, did I say, GENUINE followers? Yes.

I always focus on my content and try to be as much real and original possible. I hardly know any tactics to increase views or followers but yes I do share my work on various social media platforms to gain a broader audience. I would like to share a recent experience I had with my Instagram Public Account, which left me appalled.

I have my Instagram account as Virtual_Siyahi where I love to post pictures of my gardening time, yoga time and my quotes and blogging. I was not aware of the Instagram Algorithm at all, neither I bothered to understand, I was happily following people whose work I liked, but a few days back I was followed by three very famous authors, YES very famous authors, I will not take their name because it will not look good.

But can you imagine for someone like me, who is trying to make a mark in the literary world when gets followed by an author whose book she has read? It gives a feeling of motivation, a thought that your work is appreciated by someone experienced in that field. I was on cloud no.9, I also took the screenshots for memory. After a few days, I realized they all unfollowed me, I could not understand what happened? Then I understood that it is all game of HASHTAGS I was using in my bio, #BOOKLOVER, hence I was followed by many authors, bloggers, they were waiting for me to follow them back and very smartly they unfollowed me within few days…All this drama to gain FOLLOWERS? I hated this, I really hated this follow to unfollow game and I decided not to be a part of this game. I learned about apps from which we can monitor who follows you and then unfollows you. I stopped following people whose following and followers difference was huge because it was clear they just want followers and are not interested in anyone else’s work and I stopped focusing on all this drama, removed all such hashtags from my bio because I am here for some serious goals, I will rather stick to 100 followers with whom I can interact and share things.

At my WordPress blog, I always follow back anyone who follows me, because I understand how much motivation it adds to. I call my Blog My Happy Place and It was very disappointing to see famous authors playing such a trick just to gain more followers and making people buy their newly launch books.

Follow wisely and stick to someone who really works hard 🙂

Thank you for reading me:)

Much love and gratitude




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