Being Feminazi

When we talk about equality and equal opportunities, women still struggle hard to keep up with their career, twice in their life, once when they get married and second when they conceive. Sometimes it is a conscious decision and sometimes it is a forced obligation.

Recently I came across an article in The Wire where-in human resource development minister Prakash Javadekar quotes that he is unhappy seeing a large number of women not choosing to work, India’s job numbers are low because Indian women don’t want to work.

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In my whole life, I never met a single woman who says, that I do not want to work. We all want to work. We don’t get the opportunity, we do not get the work environment, we still lack an arrangement for women who want to return to the work after having a baby. Although it is really heartbreaking to see women dropping out from the workforce voluntarily after becoming a mother, it is just because many times they do not have any choice. If parenting or Care-taking was legitimately an equal opportunity then women might be in a position to make an actual career choice in their life, which is not the case with a lot of women.

There are also various reasons like sexual harassment at workplace, discomfort with the male co-workers, family constraints due to which a woman discontinues work. Even the measures taken against are not implemented at all the levels and dynamics are such that woman would rather choose to leave the job than speak up or fight for herself.

We do not have a choice, we are secondary, our income is a secondary source of income. Our career choices are questioned, we are always pulled down when we try to soar high, we are questioned, we are doubted and it instills a fear of judgment and criticism in a woman. Our voice doesn’t matter and we have been living like this since ages because our system still lacks when it comes to facilities and arrangements for women in our country.

We want to work, we want to make our own identity, we want equal opportunities, we don’t want that “Aah! she is a woman after all” look in your eyes and attitude in your nerves for us. No matter how weak or strong we are, no matter how we look, no matter how we speak, no matter how clumsy we can be, no matter how bitchy we sound but we all have that burning desire deep down inside to do something and prove our mark in this world. We are above our clothes, our bodies, our beauty, we are fierce, ferocious and unapologetic.

Be your own boss ladies, buckle up, we got to do what we got to do.

Much love and gratitude



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18 thoughts on “Being Feminazi

  1. Hey Priyanka I respect your views and thoughts in the context of how women are carving their niche in the society but simply put there is no point looking around for sympathy. We shouldn’t be alien to the fact that despite of all the odds and old school thoughts women are getting their dues and equal opportunities too. The gap to be bridged might be huge but holding hands and looking at the bright side works better.
    Agreed that it’s important to highlight the miseries to make the impact but being influencers we can actually muster the positive forces. In a nutshell, an extended hand has greater impact than a pointed finger 😊.

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    • Absolutely!! That’s what I said in my last line. I am trying to make a point here while I answer to Mr. Javdekar who says we don’t want to work.On broader level although it appears as if we are seeking sympathy or highlighting miseries all the time but trust me on the ground level, it’s worse. But yes loved your point of extending hand than pointing fingers.
      Why do you think, having worked in corporate for six years in Supply Chain Management in SAP module with MNC, I gave up my career? Baby? Family Constraints? Several reasons and not only me there are many like me.
      But yes I made something out of my misery and made my way to blogging and happily motivating others to follow their passion and take charge of their life 😀😊


      • Kudos 🙂 . Indeed situation is much worse outside the Metros and there are horrors unimaginable, but till the time we can’t do anything about it I personally feel there is no point ranting. You found your rhythm and motivation in blogging and it’s a strong way to share the solution at your ground level. Let’s take this forward together at least in thoughts if not in actions.

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  2. Super Interesting! As women, it very interesting to know that REGARDLESS of where you are in the world we are still treat less equal. The risk we take as women 1)to get married 2)have children and still have we have a hard time integrating the workplace. Really hope this can change soon! Thank you for sharing your views!🌺

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