Are we making our child life ready?

Recently, I came across two such cases, which broke my heart to the core, It not only left me devasted thinking about the possibility of the action but also left me appalled thinking where are we heading to.

Today I read about a 21-year-old boy, pursuing his Engineering from IIT-Hyderabad, committing suicide from the seventh floor of the building. Parents and all the relatives could not believe, it could be suicide and perceived it as an accident. Later on, after the deep inquiry, it was found that he had emailed his friends saying that, life does not hold any interest in living further and how he was horrified about his future which ultimately made him commit suicide.

What made him do it? Who is the real culprit? Parents, society, education system, relatives, friends or higher expectations? What are we training our kid for?

A few months back a 15-year-old girl jumped from her balcony and committed suicide because of the fear of getting fewer marks, FEAR? What kind of fear are these kids abducted with? Who plants such fear in their little minds, which ultimately leads them to take their life? People name cowards and week to the one who commits suicide, but I feel it is the toughest step anybody can take for himself. I can’t even bare a knife cut while chopping vegetables, how do they take their own life?

Where are we heading to? Is there no one to talk with, because the option of committing suicide is not something which will come in their mind in one instance and person would just go and kill himself, that tendency occurs time and time and just when the person is no more able to cope up with the fear or the struggle he gives up. He gives up on his own life.

With the rising stress level. depression and anxiety are becoming more common disease than any other illness. Please take the signs seriously, when a kid behaves indifferently please watch it, not every kid is playing around you, not everyone is lying. Sometimes they have a lot to say and when they are gone they leave you rattling with the thought that what went wrong? In this advancing world, it has somehow become a challenging job to raise a child in a healthy environment but we got to do, what we got to do.

  • Make them life ready, prepare them for life.
  • Be their emotional coach, talk to them often
  • Spend alone time with them, try to get details of what their daily routine is
  • Avoid higher expectations, one thing at a time
  • Be there, Be aware

It is high time when we as a parent, guardian or teachers just stress over their physical and social development. We need to focus on their Mindset. We need to nourish them emotionally, psychologically as well. We would never know what goes inside that little mind.

Let us make our children life ready!

Much love and gratitude



14 thoughts on “Are we making our child life ready?

  1. Yesterday also, I saw a young student killing himself and Shashi Tharoor posted on Facebook. Youth are our future and we need listening to them. It’s not always about marks and expectations but help them as an individual to bloom in society, tap their inner energy and listen, perhaps this is what they want!

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