A letter to self

How I never thought about it before, I do talk to myself, but I think about words, writings, poetries and how to write more effectively and I realize now how I missed to have a deep conversation with my myself for a while but I think it’s time, I write an elaborate letter to self. A love letter or simply a gentle reminder to take care.

Hey Blogger,

How have you been, long time no see 🙂 how is it going with your writing and video shooting? I never thought you will pursue your hobby with so much dedication and it is good to see that you have your youtube channel too. I know you just pursued your hobby and came a long way trying to sustain and make your own identity. But hey, it’s alright to take your time, it is absolutely ok to do things with your own pace, do not worry about future just concentrate on your present and continue to do your best. I believe you are having a wonderful time with your daughter, she must be keeping you busy the whole day, how do you manage to write daily with a baby around, now let me guess maybe when she is in school or sleeping?

I was thinking a lot about you these days, I am sorry we could not connect, sometimes we get so busy with the outer world that we lose some basic connections. I wanted to tell you that you are doing great, from nowhere you have reached at least somewhere, I have been watching you, reading you and it makes me feel content looking you following your passion with so much dedication. Keep going and stop for nothing. I know you are very sensitive, although you motivate and inspire others you as a person is very soft from inside who cannot stand negativity around so just stay strong and ignore negative things around you. Concentrate on what you are doing for yourself, I remember the last time when we spoke you had told me about your goals and how badly you want to achieve them. Life is too short to regret things later so whatever you wish to do, do it now. Hold hands with your dreams and take a flight to travel to unknown destinations only to discover, only to explore, learn new things, work on yourself and achieve all the goals you have set for yourself.

I want to ask you if you have been taking care of yourself or not? In between family and your dreams, your health might take a toll on you again, remember you are a chronic illness survivor and you have to take care of yourself. Let nothing bring you down, do not stress, take some rest.

In the end, remember nobody else but only you have the power to change your present situation and with this, I would like to stop here and once again ask you to take care. We should connect often. Will be waiting for your reply with some positive news. 

Take care

Lots of love

Your innerself

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