Evening Shadows -Movie Review

Evening Shadows Movie Review- – Under the evening shadows truth plays hide and seek

Amidst the Section 377 Historical verdict, I came across this movie one day on Netflix. I was not sure if I should watch it, not because of the subject but was thinking how the movie makers would have portrayed the sensitivity of the subject, the message, the struggle, the fight, as this is a sensitive issue. So one day I just sat with my laptop and streamed this movie Evening Shadows on Netflix.

I could not believe what I was watching, such a sensitive subject was handled, created, and presented so beautifully and in the most graceful manner, you will ever come across. I could not believe that someone from India, which is known as the land of cultural and traditional beliefs has already made an attempt to portray that the other world exists and they are very much part of the world we live in.

The movie depicts a beautiful picture of everyday life in a typical south Indian family where a day starts with a cup of Coffee and perfect holy rituals. The house, the surroundings, greenery, and whole atmosphere makes you a part of the drama.

The story revolves around the city life of Mumbai and warmth of a village in South India. It shows how the path-breaking career choices and individuality of the son and the ideologies of his father never gets along, how a mother tries to balance everything in the house, a perfect symbol of any unconditional loving and caring mother you can come across.


Devansh Doshi the central character of the movie has played the role of a young and an established photographer who stays in Mumbai with his partner Aman. He visits is native place after four years and there starts the struggle with his identity. He has justified his role so well that you could actually relate to the thought process a young adult would go through while facing such identity crisis and be open about it in the society.

Mother finally accepts her son the way he is but still remains hopeful of him changing his mind in the future, as societal norms and his future starts haunting her. The mother and son relationship depicted in the movie will bring tears to your eyes, I literally had goosebumps towards the end of the movie when Mona Ambegaokar fought with her rigid, stubborn and arrogant husband for her only son.

Mona Ambegaokar is a very renowned and a brilliant actress of the era, her experienced dramatic performance added beauty to the movie.

evening-shadows (1)

It is still very hard for people to accept homosexuality, as they still can’t accept inter-caste or love marriages, so homosexuality has a long way to go in their purview of digestion. I am not a good movie reviewer but I do it occasionally with few movies which try to break down some stereotypes or give some message.

Quick fact: (Source: The Hindu) Section 377 criminalizes a section of people for being a sexual minority. A cross-section of the people had approached the Supreme Court against the penal provision. They were not just seeking protection as sexual minorities, but recognition of characteristics inherent in all human beings. They argue the right to sexuality, sexual autonomy and freedom to choose a sexual partner form the cornerstone of human dignity.

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September 6,2018 was a great day for civil rights in India and worldwide. For those of us who are in the later decades of our lives, the excellent, thoughtful and far-reaching judgment by the Supreme Court, decriminalizing consensual gay sex, may feel like it has come too late, but as the saying goes, der aaye durust aaye, better late than never.

Read more at: Economic Times

Hope I was able to convey my thoughts on the subject and the movie 🙂

P.S: If you use Netflix then do watch the movie.

Much love and gratitude



14 thoughts on “Evening Shadows -Movie Review

  1. You are evolving each day as a person and writer. Bang on to the point, this review not only conveys the point of view of the filmmakers but an open minded approach of a common man. Will definitely watch the movie as it seems quite balanced and liberal.


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