BlogChatterA2Z Challenge Day 4 -Depression has no face

“Depression has no face”

We live in a society where we have to hide our inner self and wear a pleasing mask all the time. Portray a perfect picture of life, filled with varied colors of a perfect family, successful career, and relationships. To live in the society is to survive all the hardships and yet manage to smile and the one who is able to do it effortlessly is the one who knows how to live, isn’t it?

How many times have you cried all night and the next morning you were back in the routine just like nothing happened? How many times you had a suicidal tendency just before you attended a dinner date? It is what goes inside a human mind a human body which everyone around fails to see, the scars, the impressions of some incidents are so deep that the pain becomes inevitable and the person starts finding solace in that pain. He starts searching for isolation, where he can be himself.

Depression has no face, but depression is for REAL. It is something which cannot be explained in words and felt or understood by everyone. The emotional turmoil, the feeling of disgust and frustration, anxiety, stress level, an individual goes through is very hard for him to experience and accept for himself at the first place, by the time the person understands what’s wrong with him, people around him makes his life more miserable by treating him in an inappropriate manner.

It could be the person you just saw laughing his heart out before you hear his tragic suicide. So what does depression look like, how do depressed people look like? How do we know if somebody has suicidal thoughts? When asked these questions many of us would probably imagine a crushed soul, crying shell of a person hiding in a pillow.

However, people who struggle with such feelings of depression try their best to hide their feelings in their daily lives. They just pretend normal but deep down inside they are screaming and yelling for help. They look like any other person walking down the street but if you try to hear between their words, read between the lines you might find that feeling of emptiness residing inside them.

The mood swings are such that the person doesn’t plan for suicide attempt it could just happen within a snap of time, over the slightest trigger. In one moment a lady could be kissing and admiring her newborn baby at the other moment she might feel like committing suicide. The fight is real, the struggle is real, this is perhaps the biggest fight anyone could fight with self, it is like me against myself, one part wants to live but the other one takes a toll over and over again.

What causes Depression?

Depression is an extremely complex condition, there could be so many reasons to feel depressed or no reason at all, but its complexities are such that person feels overwhelmed with sadness and loneliness for no known reason. It could be due to some bad incident in the form of physical or emotional abuse, loss of dear ones or family history. Sometimes depression co-exists with a major illness or may be triggered by another medical condition.

What could we do? How can we help someone?

We can certainly help our near and dear ones, by being a part of their struggle, it is time to speak up when you see an unusual behavior in the person, sleeping disorder, sudden mood shifts, change in eating habits or any behavioral change could be a matter of concern. Don’t try to “fix” the person, just be a good listener. This simple act of talking to someone face to face might help someone suffering from those feelings.

  • By listening and understanding even the tiniest signs we can save lives.
  • Do not take everyone at their ‘face’ value.
  • If you think that somebody is showing some signs of depression, ask the hard questions before it’s too late, but have a very soft approach.
  • Try to be there, be present
  • Help them open up, take medical help if needed.

I believe the bravest thing anyone could do is to fight for his own life and live each day with full strength and determination even if the thoughts of suicide or negativity crops inside every now and then.


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Much love and gratitude



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  1. Reading this post had two effects on me. I actually closed my eyes and tried to feel those feelings of disgust, self hate, dejection and being lost which drive a person towards the extremity and secondly, I was amazed by the depths you were able to reach while pouring your heart out. Every word and phrase depicting an emotion is so deep-rooted that it is worth every mention and recommendation to have a global outreach.
    My respect towards you as a person and blogger has increased many folds for you had the audacity to touch such a sensitive issue and bring about an awareness that is often ignored. Glad both of us chose topics quite relevant to revolutionize the social setup.

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  2. I just read a post on depression a minute back. Good that people are raising the topic and talking about it. Blogging helped me overcome depression when i was totally in a bad shape. Lost my dad and after a week relocated to another country with my husband and twin kids of 10 months. It was a roller coaster ride for me. Had I not started writing, things would have been worse today.

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  3. Thanks a lot. This is a difficult topic, and more difficult to understand people who has lived several years with depression. Some people never noticed that healing and bad days come in waves. And you’re right, I had had those moments when I’ve felt the happiest person in the world, and minutes later, having those destructive thoughts like comparing the distance to the bathtub with the hairdryer cord, or having a panic attack for not being able to choose between the red blouse or the blue one…
    Even those loving relatives are there to listen the first times, but then they have that bored look. Or expect that a couple of happy pills do the magic trick.
    There’s no bottled happiness. We need to be more patient, and not condescending, but truly understanding.

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  4. Depression is a problem. Even people with money and fame also suffer from it. May be those who are not blessed with money, have to work hard and may not have time to think. Diagnosis of depression is a real problem. We do not believe we have a problem. Many a time society thinks this is yet another drama. But once a diagnosis is made there are drugs that may be helpful.

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  5. So glad you came up with this topic. This needs a lot of attention. I have gone through this and I literally felt like running away from all. I hope this blog gives people enough strength to fight depression. More power to your pen.

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  6. Your article just left me speechless for a minute. You have covered all the inner demons in detail normally I only see the personal angle and not the kind of advice you gave in other articles. But with your article, you have shown really how to fight it and come out victorious. A much needed article

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  7. Hi Priyanka….thanks for stopping by on my post. I am really glad to see such posts as people just tip toe around the issue and avoid it.I am sure your post will light a spark somewhere. We need more articles like these. #blogchatterA2Z

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  8. Depression is so common and affects people of all ages, educational backgrounds, and economic levels. Yet the awareness about it so low. We truly need to help and support a depressive person and it can do wonders. This is such a relevant post, thanks for sharing, Priyanka!

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  9. depression is real, its always been real, i wrote that last year in my Atoz but then i got too depressed to complete the challenge. its a good thing to write about it and start a discussion. really amazing post.

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  10. A much needed blog to spread awareness for a less spoken about problem. Of everything, when dealing with someone going through depression, we also need to be patient. And have the acceptance. Need real conviction and compassion to help someone out. You’re doing a great job Priyanka.

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  11. Don’t try to fix a person, just be a good Listener. This line is so very apt and relevant. In the times of anger/frustration/depression,more than any advice we need someone to listen when we blurt out. I remember, my FIL who suffered with acute depression, would visit his family doctor complaining of aches here n there. ,The doctor just used to listen him very patiently and then by the time he left his clinic he used to be almost fine.

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  12. You have captured the symptoms and mood swings of depression so well! People! depressed people doesn’t need your tons of advice. They just need a pair of listening ears and some love and support to deal with it.

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