BlogChatter A2Z Challenge Day 11 – Kindly Be Compassionate

β€œOne of the secrets of inner peace is the practice of compassion.” Dalai Lama

Sometimes the best action you can take to help relieve emotional suffering of another person is by being there with them with all your attention on the person and their problems, you don’t have to say anything you just have to be there for them.

By this 11th post for BlogChatter A2Z Challenge, I want to stress on practicing compassion and I insist πŸ™‚ #26days26ways

What is Compassion? A consideration or concern for others emotions and sufferings. To be kind and caring.

Practice Compassion when you see a girl who is over-weight, crossing her marriageable age, living in depression, facing rejections, and betrayal, she has got already so much to deal with and people around her makes it worse by making her realize her weaknesses, making her feel miserable by asking her those forbidden questions, giving her unsolicited pieces of advice.

We human beings always need a push most of the times, not every person is self-motivated or determined, but hardly anyone cares to become a strength and bring the beauty out of the worst situations.

Practice Compassion, when you find a young boy who needs emotional support as he is weak from the inside, but he is the stronger sex and if he admits or confesses to the world that he is weak, he is unable to face the world and is afraid of taking decisions. People will make fun of him, he will be made an object of mockery, and he might end up in depression.


There are certain human limitations, not everyone is the same, we see the world based on our beliefs and try to impose others to see it that way but the fact is we cannot understand the pain or suffering of others unless we get to the core of it.

Some time ago, I read somewhere that depression and anxiety are linked to a state of self-focus, a preoccupation with β€œMe, Myself, and I.” When you do something for someone else, however, that state of self-focus shifts to a state of other-focus.

If you recall a time you were feeling blue and suddenly a close friend or relative calls you for urgent help with a problem, you may remember that as your attention shifts to helping them, your mood lifts rather than feeling blue, you feel energized to help; before you know it, you may even have felt better and gained some perspective of your own situation as well.

For true compassion, we will have to expand our understanding so we don’t mistakenly create more pain from suffering.

Much love and gratitude
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  1. Sometimes we cannot do anything about the situation. But being there helps the victims a lot. I totally agree with the examples you mentioned here. Same happens with us right… All we need a shoulder to cry. We can be shoulder to someone. Loved it πŸ™‚


  2. Depression is definitely an illness based on being too self-centred. And on such times it definitely helps if you get an opportunity to help someone else. This gives you so much pleasure that your own weaknesses and fears are driven away by the joy of helping someone else. Talking of boys I spent a miserable childhood as I was bullied badly by my classmates when I was at school. I had an inner weakness and I found there was no one I could turn to. Your mention of boys reminded me of those times.

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    • Thank you so much for reading.
      I always admire your inputs and observations. Helping someone else to step out gives joy.
      In school I was bullied for my skin color, I use to cry a lot it took me a lot of years to come out of that hesitance, I used to feel inferior of myself.
      It becomes more difficult for boys as they are not even allowed to cry out their emotions.


  3. My son is a soft and sensitive child. He is just 3.5 yrs and quite compassionate towards people around him. But often he is ridiculed for being such a softy or weak. It breaks my heart to see what we have done to this new generation. I keep wondering how do I preserve his beautiful nature when the world outside is so harsh.

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    • I can understand your emotions, my daughter is five and very sensitive it becomes very difficult to handle her emotional outburst at times and in our society for boys it is a no no for being such soft-hearted.
      Tuneer will be as smart and kicking as her mama ,I am sure πŸ˜€


  4. Indeed people should be compassionate to others. Stand by others. Feel their pain. Extend an helping hand, without being judgmental. It is difficult for people to ask for help, but one should be ready.


  5. Indeed people should be compassionate to others. Stand by others. Feel their pain. Extend an helping hand, without being judgmental. It is difficult for people to ask for help, but one should be ready.

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  6. You have written this so nicely. Compassion is something which is lacking these days. People are either rude or strong or they act as if they are strong. But I guess little compassion goes a long way.

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  7. Compassion!! Indians basically have lots of sympathy but dunno compassion or empathy. Why is it so difficult to feel the pain of others. I have seen lots of sympathy for me when I lost my husband but there was nobody around to even talk to. It is a sorry world.

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  8. Dalai Lama has said that Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. In the times we live, we need kindness, compassion and empathy for others more than ever. Having compassion not only helps others but it leads us towards self-realization and increases our mental well being too. Thanks for the nudge, Priyanka!

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