BlogChatter A2Z Challenge Day 13- Mental Arguments~ Mental Health Matters

So we are halfway through, Yay!! A pat on everyone’s back.

Mental Arguments

Today on my 13th post and 13th way of dealing with mental disturbances I will be talking about an internal demon we build inside our mind incessantly, causing in unnecessary stress. #26days26ways

We know we are simply procrastinating or overthinking but somehow we find peace in that inner conflict. Someone says something to us and by chance, if we among those you dare to call a spade a spade and is straight forward enough to give it back to the person then it’s the survival instinct.Β 

Then we have a set of people who fail miserably in answering back and standing for themselves and later on, the guilt of not able to cope up with the mechanism becomes suffocating and makes one restless inside their mind and they start seeking closure through these never-ending Mental Arguments.

We think of so many possibilities like, I could have said so, what if I did this? What if they said this? and we create an everlasting conversation in our mind with that situation and the person which results in mental arguments, where we try to please our conscious mind for something which has already happened a long time back or we create an illusion of something which might happen in future.

We think we overthink and we produce something which doesn’t even exist and start living with it. We replay old conversation in our mind and stress our mind. We visualize about saying different things in the argument, imagining how the other person might have responded, or whether adopting different strategies would have worked for us.

Virtual Siyahi

What Mental Arguments result in?

When we are in a state of arguments with our family member, peers, friends or anyone, what are the feeling we go through? Anger, frustration, fear, guilt the same happens to us within us when we argue with own mind and the result is unknown to us.Β 

Once I had a great friend for whom I used to work for his social media handles, he is not much aware of the social media workings and since he was my friend I always insisted him to improvise, maybe he didn’t like it and suddenly asked me to leave his online workplace, I was badly hurt, One because I am highly sensitive and emotional person and secondly I was putting all my energy in his work and giving the best results I could in my purview. I said nothing to him.

But since I did not have a closure I could not stop thinking about it, thoughts like what went wrong, what did I do, What was my mistake, then counter questions hit me hard for few days, I stiped writing for few days, I was mentally tired and I felt bad.

One day he came back saying that he was in bad mood an I was continuously throwing new ideas which he was not interested at that point of time and apologized for the same, I got the closure but I never returned back to his work, I politely declined his offer, because that incident cost me my mental health without ay reason.

This is a very small example compared toΒ many big incidents happening with people around causing a ripple of disturbance in their mind.

How can we overcome Mental Arguments?

  • Feel your feelings, accept them and reciprocate them, sometimes the inner built just increases with every passing incident.
  • Meditate, Inhale and exhale, let in and let go, no it is not easy to say, but also easy to do when you adapt it your daily life.
  • Keep yourself occupied, there is a lot we can do to help ourselves, remember? An empty mind is the devil’s workshop?
  • I know by this point you will think, it is not easy and the thoughts just don’t leave you, then how about you leaving the thoughts? Remember my Day 8 Post Point No. Three? Change your response πŸ™‚

I will stop here for today, hope any of my ways till now have been helped to think someone in a different direction, in accepting self, loving self, taking care of your inner self, showing some love and kindness to self because, Mental Health Matters.

Much love and gratitude


#Virtual Siyahi

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  1. Whenever I read your posts it feels like you are talking about me πŸ˜€ I’m kind of person who takes time to get involved in conversations. Once after that I feel like ‘Why didn’t I say that before’, ‘What if I have said that’ and many other arguments. I need to meditate more!


  2. I believe that one has to have that one ultimate distracting factor in life which comes into play when one is consuming a lot of energy in needless mental arguments. This distraction could be a hobby, one’s job or anything that puts the mind on a different track.

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  3. This is a great post!
    The video is very uplifting too.
    Our lives are becoming hectic and it’s really difficult to find peace amidst responsibilities of work and studies.
    As you said, people live in so much of ignorance that they don’t even realize what’s going wrong with their lives. It’s true.
    We should spread gratitude and help people by reaching out and talking about problems. Meditation helps too!

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  4. In the conflicting and ever running world we are in, your post serves so right. there have been people who said something and who don’t even matter a bit still bothered me. It is so important to know who is good for your mental health. Great post

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  5. Great post. The pointers are very well defined and easy to follow. Mental health matters because if we are happy we have a sane relationship with self and in turn, we have a happier relationship with others.

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  6. I can relate to the post because I found the same when you say you are emotional about the things why people did this to you and what was your mistake in that? But now I understood and changed myself at some level where I don’t care much about the stupid things which people do intentionally or unintentionally to hurt another person.


  7. Once we learn to break out of the cage of Mental Arguments, life certainly becomes easier. I chant, it stop the loop in my head. Love the topics you’re highlighting through your theme, Priyanka.


  8. Those who can give a repartee without raising their voice, are my idols and my ideals. I cannot. I tend to get angry. Getting angry is not good. Giving back is good. Many a time, bosses do not want to hear a comeback. Making an argument politely yet firmly registers always.

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  9. At one point, this subject was considered as a taboo. Nobody spoke about mental health or mental illness. It was supposed to be a matter of shame. Not anymore. I have seen so many bloggers write about this subject last year and this year and I feel that’s really commendable. The first step is to spread awareness and you have done it exceptionally well.

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    • Thank you so much for saying that. I sometimes do fall short of words to convey my messages but I hope whatever I say or write helps someone to understand they are not alone and mental illness can be conquered.


  10. There was a time when i hardly used to talk, basically an introvert one, i did not have the ability to answer the people who used to put me down unnecessarily, those are the days…a long time period of my childhood days when i used to think what could i say, how can i answer, how to tackle such people and later when faced most of them successfully i never needed to arguments in my mind…life teaches you after all with the time making you matured.
    A you have mentioned your own experience …such one will take place with flow of life,we cant ignore it, too some extent we have to think on these issues.

    It was really a very nice read and can relate with it very deeply.

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    • Thank you for reading and sharing your experience.
      Throughout our life we will meet many such people and will go through many such incidents and many times they leave lasting impressions on our minds.
      But can atleast try not lose our state of mind due to certain situations.

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  11. You’re so right Priyanka, we’re often our own worst enemy. This online world we work in is often a direct cause dor my inner battles and anxiety. I’m glad I’ve connected with positive people like you through this challenge!


  12. I had watched a few of your videos Priyanka and you speak so well in an effective manner. great topic and it is really great you are spreading awareness with your series. keep up the great work and its great to get connected with you A2Z challenge.

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  13. Your video gives a lot of insight into mental illness. Terms like crackpot, mental and psycho are so often used by people to attest mentally ill human beings and what is worse is that the people using these terminologies do not have a clear idea of what they mean. We need to address mentally ill people with a lot of compassion. And yes, sometimes we tend to replay old conversations and do a kind of role play and get attached to something that exists only in our minds. And very often as you say people do not even realize that there is something wrong with their mental processes. A great post with a lot of insight into mental illness.

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  14. Aah! How much we love beating ourselves up!
    I like your quote that not every episode of your life is worth a second watch. But we just love playing some episodes on a loop and how much it affects us mentally and physically, we dont realize that. Great pointers, Priyanka!

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  15. The points mentioned by you for overcoming the mental arguments are so apt and valid. One just needs to break the mental shackles, find some meaningful objective in life and engage in the same. Because life is still a celebration ahead despite of any past failures or bad experiences.

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  16. Thank you for sharing ways of how to cope with mental arguments! I’m definitely one to know how stressful they can be and how much they can take a toll on your mental health, so it’s good to see that awareness is being raised. I think radical acceptance is also very important – as overthinking our own arguments only leads to more suffering. I might make a similar post, if you don’t mind!


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