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BlogChatter A2Z Writing Challenge Day-20 The Log Kya Kahenge Syndrome

Rewriting an older post of mine today, I always swear by this way of sashaying away from the predominant malady prevailing in the humans and how it affects the sanity of another human, co-breathing together.  #26days26ways 

We are very much aware of this malady, a condition which spreads faster than anything among people over decades and decades, it is so infectious that people carry those germs within themselves from generations by default, and are happy to be with it and trust me when I say this, forget love, care, smile it has got the immense power to bind people across states, cultures and irrespective of any religion, all you need is to grab a corner and start a conversation about a person/family and you see people joining you soon.

Interestingly here the LOG/people, consists of any number of person whose aim in life is to invade others privacy and WE give them that freedom to enter our space and capture the most sensitive corners of our lives wherein they decide what is to be done and what is not to be done, we start living to please those people, who don’t even matter in our lives and all our life we carry a burden on our self and then we pass that burden on to our children.

  • A boy wants to pursue his career in Indian Classical Dance, but he is refrained from doing so just because of Log Kya Kahenge?
  • A girl wanting to marry someone out of her caste/religion, but again beta Log Kya Kahenge?
  • A woman wanting to step out and work has become acceptable to an extent but a Man who doesn’t want to go for monotonous work and pursue his passion for cooking, cannot be acceptable because of Arey Log Kya Kahenge?

End number of examples could be quoted here. We even refrain ourselves from trying even a new haircut or lipstick, thinking Log Kya Kahenge? See how we have given the remote control of our life, our happiness to others.

Many dreams are killed, left unheard and so much is left undone just because of the fear of LOG. We have been dealing with this Malady, from years and we are still dealing with it, sometimes we fall for it and sometimes we fight back but what good does it bring out, I could never understand.

We stop doing something for the sake of what others will think, but do they really think? They never take responsibilities of the after effects of we not doing something, do they?

We always ponder the fact that why do we need to please somebody who is not even a part of me? that too for my basic living, my dreams, and above all my life, the only ones who matter are my parents, my kids, my better half and above all Me, myself as at the end it will be only between Me and myself.

Let’s not stop ourselves from what we could have done in our life by not doing it just for a few people who won’t even matter in the future. Let not what you can’t do come in between what you can do just because of these viral thoughts entering your life.

Take charge of your life! 

लोगों का क्या है, हलकी सी उभरती हुई उम्मीद की किरण को भी अपने हाथो से बुझा देते है..
अँधेरा चाहे कितना ही घना दिखाई देता हो , पर अक्सर जहा हलकी सी रौशनी दिखाई देती है वही जाकर अपने व्यथाओं की आग लगा देते है

Much love and gratitude



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  1. Though i have never did it much importance but yet some of my wishes remaining unfulfilled because of it, no more time for those.
    Actually lots of dimensions and people are always attached behind every incident and it becomes tough to ignore all those.
    Sometime we have to care of emotions of our closed ones also which becomes the barrier.

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  2. Loved your video. You have grip in your voice and speech 🙂 We live for people more than living for ourselves. There are certain boundaries to be part of the society but as you said choices of career, education, marriage, etc should be left to individual.

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    • Thank you for listening to ke Sanjota. Itna kuch hota hai express karne ko ki blog and vlog sab azma leti hu 😀 Yes atleast after a certain age this choice must be left to the individual.


  3. I am going to be a fan of your videos too with your writing. The more I watch, The more I connect. You have a very pretty voice with great impact. Wonderful post and I totally support you, don’t bother about what the people will say do bother about what do you want to say with your work.

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  4. Someone once said to me, “people are only happy at observing other people’s unhappiness”. So sad yet so true. We must stop caring about other people’s thoughts and we also must stop judging. It’s a two-pronged process.

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  5. Log kya kahenge soch kar we have not done so much, said so much and wasted large chunks of our time and life. Now when this Log Kya Kahenge question crosses my mind I have a ready answer to it, ‘Bakwas bakenge, aaa :)j tumhare liye, kal kisi aur ke liye!’

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  6. so true, we have to deal with this on day to day basis, right from type of clothes we wear to how we eat and behave at restaurant. how much we score in exam to who we marry. there is nothing called live and let live in the society, log have sharp memory for bad things happened but they forget good things faster.

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  7. 😦 U r so right… Sabse bada rog is kya kahenge log…
    One thing that has stayed with me forever, will share – my dad always says that Duniya to bolegi, baaten karegi, but you should always do what your heart feels is right… So yes, one thing is to stop being this kind of Duniya to others and another tip is to just ignore the crap and move on in life…

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  8. As soon as I saw the title of your post I immediately thought of the song ‘Kuch Toh Log Kahenge’. I really enjoyed watching the video. First it is abhi tak shaadi kyon nahin hui. Then once a person is married LOG ask abhi bachcha kyon nahin hua. It is a malaise and very few people in this world are gifted with the ability to mind their own business.

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    • Wonderful article and your video is so impactful.Whatever we do or we don’t do, logo ko to kehna hi hai. If a homemaker, then you wasted your studies. If working then not taking care of family. Social ho to mushkil, na ho to mushkil. When I started blogging then overheard many saying oh she is the only one who cooks, don’t we? But i am continuing with my passion without giving a heed to such comments and loving my journey.

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  9. Half of the world would have done something else if not for this log kya kahenge syndrome. People would have been much happier if only they could do what they wanted to. I am glad that I grew up in a family where my desires mattered more to my parents than the opinion of the society

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  10. True, we all, at some or the other point of time, are influenced by the ‘log kya kahenge’ syndrome and act accordingly. But the result is when you suffer acting as per their wishes, no one would bother to ask you. Strange world! So, keep yourself and your wishes at the top priority. As usual, enjoyed reading it.

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  11. Kuch to log kahenge..logon ka kaam hai kehna …aur kya kya kehte hain!! I live in a small city and anything I do creates waves…I am a widow who started working at the age of 40. I was working in an airline and my colleagues were all my kids age….my sister of all the people said that I was having affairs with all of them!! Is there anything I can do? 🙂

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    • Are log kis extent tak ja sakte hai ye hum soch bhi nahi sakte aur in sab vajah se kitna stress hota hai nobody cares.
      You are an awesome and amazing person I have known, never stop being yourself 🙂


  12. It’s true, Log Kya Kahenge has killed more dreams than anything else in the world. A friend used to say, ‘sabse bada rog… kya kahenge char log’. Have seen so many people not following their passions or dreams and totally frustrated and unhappy with their forced choices. If only…

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  13. You have definitely learnt the art of an impactful ending and what wonderful lines you chose. Indeed the highlighted concern takes us back by many years when the whole focus should be on supporting and reinforcing each other to take a step forward. Any which ways I prefer being a rebel kyunki log sirf kahenge. You are a spirited bold lady breaking stereotypes and the barriers with your words. Keep up the spirit 😀 .

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