Book Review: TECH – KNOW – LOGY (A2Z of Technology

Book Review:


(A2Z of Technology)

Blogchatter Book Review Program

Author: Sudip Saha

Book Name: TECH – KNOW – LOGY (A2Z of Technology)

Genre: Technology

Total Number of Pages: 58

Publisher: Blogchatter

About the Author:

A technology enthusiast, a very well-known technology influencer and a Computer Science Engineer Sudip Saha have been a medium of spreading all the technological advancements through his blog and other social media channels. He is also a member of Digit SQUAD, an elite club of premier technology enthusiasts of India


Tech-Know-Logy is a fair attempt by the author to provide the readers with a sound knowledge of the latest trends in technology, We live in a techno world, exposed to so many gadgets and electronic items but little do we know about the backend process and hows and whys involved in it.

Knowledge of computers has become an essentiality now days and there are so many elements which keep the work flow going as we all work on computers,laptops,mobile phones, hence we need to moderately well equipped with the technical jargons to make the user and machine interaction bit friendlier.

The author of the book has also highlighted the critical aspects of the various systems and its functioning, and how useful one function could be at the user’s end.

This mini techno guide tries to explain most of the terminology we come across in our daily lives and also are a part of it but lack proper knowledge about it. Right from the Artificial intelligence to hacking, to Encryption, to microblogging to Security systems. This book covers a lot to learn.

The best part about the book is, it is written in the simplest form and it becomes very easy even for a layman to understand the terms and its usage.

Why you should read this book?

It is always a good idea to keep ourselves upgraded with the latest trends and technological advancements and if we have a handy stuff with us, which can act as a ready reference material then why not download this book which could solve many queries about blog, cloud computing, operating systems, programming languages, telecommunication etc.

Get yourself some doze of Digital Education. Download your free copy now.
This book is a part of Blogchatter Book Review Program

Rating : 4.5/5
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