Book Review: Nutrition Diet Myths and Life

Book Review:

Nutrition Diet Myths and Life

Blogchatter Book Review Program

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Author: Dr. Amrita Basu (Author of Probiotic and Life)

Book Name: Nutrition Diet Myths and Life

Genre: Health

Total Number of Pages: 40

Publisher: Blogchatter

About the Author:

                Dr. Amrita Basu (MBBS, MS) has FIVE published books to her credits that are available at Amazon. An ENT surgeon, a former Medical College teacher, and now a passionate blogger who loves to share her well-researched piece of writings about happy living and following a healthy lifestyle. Her latest work Nutrition Diet Myths and Life is a very informative manual and also gives a reader a sneak peek to her upcoming project.

Dr. Abhijit Misra(MBBS, MD) her life partner and also the editor of this book joined together to spread health, wellness, and lifestyle to promote mindful living.


It is said that what you think you become and if you replace thoughts with food here, then what you feed your body with becoming your outer appearance. “A healthy body is my prayer for everyone”, says the author.

This short book of merely 40 pages tries to cover most of the important aspects of a healthy lifestyle and tries to burst out some myths surrounding the nutritional beliefs for a healthy living. We keep on googling the information, the symptoms, and precautionary measure to eliminate the illness, and this mini survivor guide helps us to enhance our awareness about any such prevalent illness right from Thyroid, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Cancer, which is increasing day by day if we go by statistics.

My personal favorite chapter in this book is Chapter: Diet and Depression: Secrets revealed, as it suggests that Mood disorders like depression, anxiety, OCD are influenced by our diet and if we have a poor appetite or overeat (emotional eating). Sometimes we want to skip meals, sometimes we go on binge eating then probably an individual is more likely to suffer from mood swings.

The book also has a bonus corner which reveals an excerpt from her upcoming book, Veggies and Power Veggies, which suggests nutritional value and some easy go-to go healthy recipes of a variety of vegetables.

Why you should read this book?

The book suggests a healthy living, go for fresh food, always check the labels before buying anything and try to inculcate a balanced diet. The approach is simple and adaptable for anyone. Topics like Salads and Satiety and General healthy lifestyle guideline acts as a gentle reminder for the readers to follow a healthy lifestyle and take time for our self before it is late.

Rating: 4.5/5

Download your copy of this eBook now.

PROBIOTIC & LIFE: A Beginners Guide to Probiotic Food and Total Gut Health |Nutrition Secrets(Part3) Kindle Edition

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Twitter: @misra_amrita

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