Women Are Roses

Women Are roses

My yet another published work, which I am sharing with you all. My blog is my first love and all my fellow bloggers are my major source of motivation and encouragement.  Hence I share each and every achievement with you all first, although I feel guilty of not visiting and reading blogs of my friends for a while as I have been very much occupied in my eBook and this latest publication and promotion (self-promotion) I will be back soon 🙂

I have been guest blogging for Women With Gifts International, Colorado, for a while and I was fortunate to be chosen by Ms. LaNette Kincaid, the founder of the NGO for contributing a chapter in her book Women are Roses.

This book signifies the essence of true womanhood. A masterpiece by ten authors combining like rose petals and forming a complete flower. A complete rose that is all ready to bloom and spread its fragrance to inspire everyone who reads this book.

Virtual Siyahi

Many intelligent and talented women suffer in silence, they shut themselves in and close the door to never reopen them and sadly they do not allow any good or bad in their lives. This is what most women have done with their sufferings. One of the vital reasons that women suffer is because women find it difficult to cope up with the societal norms as no one believes in their story. In Women Are Roses Series One, this book shares ten unique stories of real women who have broken all the barriers and took command of their lives, came out of their miseries and tuned their downfalls into glories.

Some of the women are survivors of domestic violence, sexual abuse, breast cancer, mental illness, caregivers and authors. The different views and perspective coming from different women with strong stories and background make the book an engaging and intriguing read.

The flawless narration and the personal experience in each story enhance the value of this book. This book was shaped by women all over the world. About the authors: The best part of the book is how it unites different authors irrespective of their country, religion, and culture.

The core message of the book lies in the vision of the founder of Women With Gifts International, Mrs. Lanette Kincaide, who has a mission to change the world one woman at a time. This book, Women Are Roses is a book that created a platform for women to collaborate from form different corners of the world, telling their stories, inspiring each other and making their own space in this world. In a world where women sometimes are seen as dirt.

The authors of this book have taken the dirt that the world has given them and planted seeds, and the seeds have then turned into flowers beautiful flowers. Beautiful roses. Regardless of everything we endure in our lives, we bloom, we flourish and we inspire others around us to do the same.

I feel highly elated to share that the Amazon Book description is written by me and also reading my name in the list of the authors gave me a lot of happiness to cherish and I just could not stop smiling 🙂

Virtual Siyahi

Here is the link to the book: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1092256881/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_awdb_Rzc6CbHM24CCK


Much love and gratitude



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