2019 Goal Review


Time for 2019 Goal Review

How is the year 2019 treating you all?
We are halfway through this year, it’s already June and just a few days back I was preparing my goal list for the year 2019, of course losing weight was not one of my goals for this year at least 🙂
I always set goals for myself, set a deadline, sometimes even randomly as I love to challenge myself and test my own limits. Now that sounds nasty, yeah but this is what works for me.

This year the level of my goals were bit higher, as I am already in my early 30’s and I guess I have lived half of my life studying, working, fulfilling responsibilities as a daughter, wife, and mother and this relationship of responsibility and balancing will continue forever for sure but in between I want to make some space for me and now I feel is the time to do something, something I love to do, to follow my passion, find my purpose and to make my own identity and leave a legacy before I finally bid adieu from this life.
Yes, I know it sounds difficult or even impossible, but what is the difference between merely existing and living life. It is in our hands to make things work for us, at least we can try to change our present situation if we are unable to fight with it we can shift our focus on self-development and make ourselves capable enough not to rely on anyone.
I see so many inspiring people around me, hear so many inspirational stories and sometimes I just am my own motivation, how long we will wait for that someone, who will come and lift us? How long we will be the victim of our own miseries? Our thought process? Procrastination? Over-thinking?
Time is now and life is now, it is happening, and we are still breathing, make each breathe count, Inhale all the possibilities for a better tomorrow and exhale out all the toxicity.
Your body might leave you one day
Your health might not support you one day
Your financial Investments might not give you expected returns
Your future plans might not fall in place
You will age, you will become weak
but all this is worth if we gather end number of small achievements, if we are present in all the moments life give us if we laugh a little more and love a little more and go by the Theory of Trying, you know what a theory is? It is my invented theory, but I am sure you will like it too:)

Theory of TRYING

I will not say try, try but never cry, rather I will say cry but still try. I have been through it, I am still crying and trying all the time, experiencing my share of ups and downs in my career but if I cry and not try I will stop growing and on the other hand if I cry and also try simultaneously, eventually I will move forward, from zero to one, from one to two and trust me these small steps although appears to be a very tiny effort but means a lot to me and anyone who is self-taught and self-made.
As a Mental Health Awareness enthusiast, I always believe and try promoting self-help measures and self-awareness through my blogs and I strongly believe that we all should devote some time for ourselves in our daily routine.

My 2019 Goal List: (Self-development)

  • Blogging Consistently
  • Publishing my own book on Mental Health
  • Getting into entrepreneurship
  • Being a Minimalist
  • Expressing gratitude and being humble

I don’t set unrealistic goals for myself, I envision my dreams and my passion then set some short term and realistic goals which will help me shape a better personality in me.

I am glad to share that I am able to finish a few of my goals by writing consistently, publishing my very first eBook, expressing gratitude, switching to be a minimalist and staying humble.

Getting into entrepreneurship might sound like an unrealistic goal for me until I take few steps towards it but yes I am left with more six months in my hands and I am trying, crying and yet trying.

The purpose of sharing this up close and personal goal list with my readers is just that I want you all to believe that if you set goals or deadlines for yourselves you have already taken that first step towards a better tomorrow.

Hence I would love to hear your goal check list, and would also like to know how did you like my Theory of trying 😀.

Have a great time ahead, make the most of it, stay happy and healthy.

Much love and gratitude



28 thoughts on “2019 Goal Review

  1. Loved your Theory of Trying and jI’m quite sure you’ll achieve your 2019 goals. It’s always good to give ourselves something to aim for, something which will stretch us.

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  2. Theory of trying💙💙. This should be up there somewhere near the theory of relativity 😁. My goals for this year is to start writing for my own book, read a lot and start my own online business. I don’t know how far these will far though 😅😄

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      • I am a firm believer and an advocate of living, rather than dragging on. Hence, your thoughts resonate with me on a mutual ground. The theory of trying is what we all need to apply to ourselves for it not only inspires but sets forth a target to achieve which in turn gives a purpose to life.
        Your posts are always centered around your personal experiences which again reflects your confidence in tackling situations in life and gives the readers a sense of belonging.
        I am glad you take up these opportunities to try and touch as many lives as you could through this virtual medium. Every step taken is an addition to the progress made in this journey called life.

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