Men’s Health Week 2019 – Let’s Talk

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A topic, very less talked about and often neglected, “Men’s Health” and their Mental Health. As this week is especially dedicated to Men’s Health, Let us try to talk about it.

Men’s Health Week was started in the United States by the US Congress in 1994 to heighten awareness of preventable health problems and encourage early detection and treatment of disease among men and boys. 

Mental Health matters because if we don’t release stress, it can turn into something more serious. One out of four might develop a mental health problem at some point in life. In other words, it’s likely to happen sooner or later if we let stress build.

There are many things we can do to beat stress: exercise, sing, dance, laugh, play or listen to music, paint, write, volunteer, learn something new and lots more, but before all this let’s talk.

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Since ages, Men are considered stronger than Women and with this perk, they sometimes cannot even express their true feelings, their hurt, their emotional vulnerability.

Men are sensitive too and they do go undergo the various stressful situation in their daily life which causes a lot of physical and emotional harm in their mind and body.

Few Stressful conditions in Men’s life:

  1. Financial Stress
  2. Tremendous Workload
  3. Monotonous life
  4. Work and personal life balance pressure
  5. Inability to accept their weakness due to the concept of machoism.
  6. Lack of Intellectual growth
  7. No job-recognition
  8. No performance appraisal
  9. Peer Pressure
  10. Part and parcel of inferiority and superiority complex

Dear men, talk about how you want to beat stress, talk about what causes it. Talk to your mates, talk to your family members and seek medical assistance if needed.

Recognizing Men’s Health is a critical issue because they hide it more than women, women are more expressive and at least they cry out their pent up emotions, men even hesitate to accept their feelings.

As the saying goes Health is Wealth and it is applicable to both men and women to take care of their health before it takes a toll over us, during office hours, take regular water breaks, have proper meals give your eyes some screen away time, indulge in less gossips, stay out of comparison zone, maintain a distance with negative people, smile and stay pleasant.

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Healthy family

Suggested measures which could improve the quality of life:

  • Staying connected to your passion, if you have a hobby please take out time for it.
  • Take at least two breaks in a year for a mini vacation or simply spending leisure time with family.
  • Spend quality time with their partner
  • No comparison with others
  • Decluttering
  • Exercise, Exercise, Exercise
  • Hang out with old friends
  • Talk about how you feel
  • Seek help

Reference: MensHealthWeek

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15 thoughts on “Men’s Health Week 2019 – Let’s Talk

  1. Important post. As a guy proud to read when a strong women write about us. Let me share something here, Society have decided how a man should be. Tat itself a pressure, Im sure atleast 80% of men do nothing at home and dont do excercises also. They only have work pressure, and it is a complete mental pressure. Where is the focus on physical activity? Men who works/help at home and do gym/yoga are the happiest. They are mentally and physically strong and they also stick to their passion, organised and they are too strong in bond with family. ✨✍️ Men should change. Im proud and shared what i do. waiting for others view 😉


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  3. Well said! High time for everyone to talk about mental stress, take time out and seek help which empowers and is therapeutic in itself. You have outlined some very interesting tips which I am sure will be helpful to tackle mental health challenges.


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