In The Middle Of Nowhere

Don’t trust them
When they say
They will stay forever

Don’t trust them
When they ask
You to stay forever

Forever is no where

Don’t seek solace in there validation
Don’t please to whittle yourself
Don’t trim yourself to suit them

Perfection is nowhere

Get up, walk, run
Fall and cry
To get those wings to fly
The present is all we have

Future is nowhere

Leave your past
Bury them deep, aghast
Hold on to yourself
The pain is astute

Endurance is nowhere

Don’t panic
Don’t criticize the inner you
When you find yourself stranded

In the middle of nowhere

Simply close the doors
Which leads you to nowhere

virtual siyahi

25 thoughts on “In The Middle Of Nowhere

  1. There is hidden beauty in these words. The facade of being everywhere has a shadow of being nowhere. I liked the way you presented motion with conjunction to nowhere which is both deep rooted and raw.


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