Missing pieces

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one day

one moment

any second of your life

could be that moment

in which

either you take pride or

you are taken for a ride

punched, crushed soul

brutually criticised

gathering courage

to gather all the peices of rampage

torn apart

still holding on

shutting down

lying in the sea of pain

revering each emotion

turning each page

controling the rage

to fit in the misfit

to swim across the ocean

deep and wide

facing each tide

you have to stand tall

with your chin high

put yourself in force

moving strong without any remorse

keep moving keep fighting’


it is not worth a fight

when you choose

to lose your own self

Much love and gratitude



11 thoughts on “Missing pieces

  1. We do so much to fit in the misfit. But we don’t remember that everyone has a different fight. That’s what I got of this poem atleast. And I could relate to it too. Lovely 💙


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