A War inside the Head

I see the road

I always wanted to travel

A place forbidden for me but I had to unravel

Distance doesn’t scare me

Hardwork doesn’t spare me

I am out of my comfort zone

A clueless compass

without any future forecast

here I move ahead

surrendering myself to the moment

making it worth a lifetime

It is now or never

all I have is now

have stopped wondering why and how

The magic of walking alone

is a pleasurable journey of its own

high on dedication and low on expectation

I am answerable to me

responsible for me

fighting against me

in this war inside my head

Much love and gratitude



25 thoughts on “A War inside the Head

  1. So beautifully written, so nicely expressed the inner feelings of a warrior not at all ready to give up, ever ready to fight back for the crown of a brave queen.Thanks for sharing.


  2. Salute to your thought process dear! Every word has its own meaning to understand.

    Your words inspire me.

    I find you either early or late

    I think now I am addicted to your writing.

    You are an inspiration and a very good friend of mine.

    Love you for your never defeated approach!


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