Fearful and Fierce

How is it to fear the fear ?

to face it?

and to live with it?

I wake up to my fear everyday

I push it aside and go for a long morning walk

It says you can’t make it and I complete one more round

It throws me to the wolves to see me cry

I do cry, I get bogged down, I sulk

I get up harder

It puts me in situations

I never want to be

but still I go through it

and come out everytime

I meet few people

who bring out the worse in me

they do it every time

It is like crossing the lane of a morgue

I know I will be disturbed

I know it will effect me

but I do it everyday

I try to make it even with my fears by accepting them

I try to own them normalize them for me

it doesn’t work here,

fear has got its’s own traits

I let it soak me in its elements

to feel it more closely

either I learn to leave it or live with it.

What do you fear the most? How do you handle it?

Much love and gratitude



23 thoughts on “Fearful and Fierce

  1. Fear is an illusion… It is like magic, you might beleive the magician is really bringing coins and notes from air. But it isn’t, if you decide to beleive in it. Then you are falling for it. Stop falling for illusions. Fear is just an illusion. ✨👌Very Nice poem. Loved the last lines. ” learn it or live with it’


  2. The term is explicit and the way you have chosen to explore it is indeed commendable. Every step and every moment spent with this emotion is profound for it forces us to learn and develop the skills for survival. Embracing it can make the journey a bit less difficult for sure. Your thoughts and words compliment each other beautifully 😊.


  3. A great take on fear! I try to face the fear face-to-face, shake hands with it, let it walk along with me till the time it gets fed up and knows that it can’t break me.


  4. This post pushes to reflects on fears and its accompanying triggers on how to face them all or people bring the worst in us. Sometimes ignoring dim wit or channelling the energy in writing or creative pursuits!


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