How to Handle Trolls?

Have you ever been trolled? How do one handle negative and soul crushing feedback?

Constructive feedback has always something to offer as a point of improvement but what if a person wants to break your spirit and pull down your morale you have been building for a year?

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The best way I have found to handle trollers is to stop handling them 🙂

Do not let anyone enter your zone and make it unpleasant. Unknowingly we give this liberty to many people in our life.

We seek validation, we seek approval, we pay a lot of attention and sometimes all this goes against us.

Whenever a person starts something new he looks upon his family, friends, and relatives because that is his comfort zone but somehow it is a proven fact that this could turn out to be the most discomforting zone if we do not learn to draw the line.

I am very much vulnerable so I get hurt easily but to be very honest I am happy this way because I know how it feels to get hurt and I will never do so with anyone. Next time when you see someone doing something about their life, appreciate their efforts.

All a person sees is the bling the success but no one wants to be a part of the struggle, hardly anyone comes to lift the broken pieces and turn them into stars if you find someone doing that for you, be grateful.

Much love and gratitude



21 thoughts on “How to Handle Trolls?

  1. A very important aspect regarding mental health, I think because we face such criticism a lot these days. And you explained it pretty well too💙💙


  2. Lovely post,best thing is to ignore criticism,if there’s anything that needs rectification do it otherwise just consider that they are correct from their point of view and you are correct from your point of view that’s it. Have a great life with your own opinions.Always trust your own thoughts,opinions and decisions and things will go okay.Thank you so much for sharing the tips.


  3. Sometime when one writes something on a hot topic difference of opinion is inevitable. As long as the opposing viewpoint is not expressed in abusive Language I think it should be OK. Some people do not accept opposing view, others cannot express without being abusive. I guess ignoring them is the best policy.


  4. Very well said, Priyanka, you spoke your words very well. Words are very important. Once they are said they have been put into existence. Many people do not understand that concept.


  5. Hi Priyanka,
    Good to be here today, I am here today by traveling thru some of your activities on the internet like the Interview notification on Indiblogger, then twitter sheros and few other articles.
    Good to meet yet another like-minded personality.
    I could very well relate to some of your writing experiences online. I was a member and attended A to Z blog challenge in 2013 and 2014. That was a place I procured a good number of online friends.
    But due to time constraint and various other activities, I could not attend since few years. Good to know that you are an active participant there.
    I read your story on Sheros and I appreciate the guts you have shown towards the difficulties you faced. I dropped a comment too over there.
    Keep writing.
    Keep sharing your life experiences, I am sure it will inspire some on this line.
    All the Best.
    ~ Philip


  6. Such a lovely video Priyanka and get to learn so much from you. I think trolls need to be ignored and saw many who doesn’t understand mental health where they make comments unwanted. I have stopped replying back and deleted few of them. Keep doing and everyday you improvement with every video.


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