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Anxiety, an uncalled emotion.

While too many emotions race in my mind

Under which layer I lost myself has become hard to find

I wake up to hustling everyday

I find myself struggling everyday

Every bit every moment of my life

is like a mirage of my mind

The feeling so deep so real

I end up crying

I am tired of trying

Escape is not an option from life

Living a lie is not an option to survive

But, I just try to survive one more day

before I call it a day

and will do anything to find a way.

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Dealing with such helpless emotions are not easy but giving up on self is not an option. Before we give up on ourselves we try to mend things a thousand time, we try to get up hundred times and try to survive against all the odds in life.

You can give up on anything in life but not YOURSELF. These feelings of depression, anxiety and helplesness will come to test you, to bring out the worst in you but you have to do everything you can do in order to give it back.

Get up and get going 🙂


Much love and gratitude



19 thoughts on “Anxiety

  1. Hi Priyanka Nair, Another beautiful post. An informative one. Anxiety is a serious business and it has to be treated for that first we need to make some changes to ourselves which u clearly stated. Great Work✨👏✍️🤗 im dealing with it till date whar you shared will work absolutely i would say i may be a right example of it. Have a great week ahead✨😃


  2. A Nice thought and many of us are going through it these days… I hve tried deep breathing techniques when feeling anxious and it suddently brings the body back to normal from fight or flight mode…


  3. I invite you to read – anxiety has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember and the best thing I ever did was start a daily meditation/yoga practice which led me to research anxiety and learn how to manage/cope and grounding has been one of those coping skills I adopted. I don’t know what I will ever be anxiety free however with my tools in place I have certainly learned to manage my anxiety and avoid panic attacks (for three years now, yay me). I hope you find this article helpful.


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